A 2,000pt Mechanicum army is the focus of this raffle from NOCF, and its entirely made up of Forgeworld models. This army can be won by you, for the total cost of less than a single purchase of any of these forgeworld models.

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Hammer of the Omnissiah
via NOCF

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The Horus Heresy (AKA Warhammer 30K) has really been gaining a lot of momentum over the last few years, so we decided it was high time we put some of the Artist Consortium on painting up some beautiful (and impactful) Horus Heresy-era armies.

This Mechanicum army is made entirely from Forgeworld models and runs 2,000 points once tricked out with the various upgrades and wargear items.

The army contains the following (and the artists are listed in parentheses):
• Magos Prime on Abeyant (Jake Landis)

• Thallax Cohort with Phase Plasma Fusil (Joel Moon)
• Thallax Cohort with Photon Thruster (Joel Moon)

Fast Attack
• Vultarax Stratos-Automata (Marc Raley)

Heavy Support
• Thanatar Class Siege Automata (David Sampson)
• Krios Battle Tank (Max Dubois)
• Myrmidon Destructors (Andrew Gray)

Lord of War
• Cerastus Knight Atrapos (John Stiening)

It is a very compact force (just 14 models) but packs a LOT of punch, with a great deal of heavy hitters. It would also be easy to take it up to 2,500 points by simply adding a couple of Thallax Cohorts to the list.

This army really is great for both veteran Horus Heresy players and those completely new to games in the Age of Darkness.

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