The new Primaris Space Marine Repulsor was revealed this morning at the UK Games Expo and on Warhammer Community. Now sources are giving us the stats for this new tank with a hull mounted Twin Lascannon, Turret Heavy Lascannon and Heavy Stubber.... + a Pintle Mounted Rotor Cannon upgrade.

Not only that but this thing carries Primaris Marines...

Please consider these rumors, until we get an official release of information.

via good sources on Faeit 212
Power level 14

S7 T8 W13 Sv3+
Turret - Heavy Lascannon, Heavy Stubber
*Resolve shots with Heavy Stubber first, if the Heavy Lascannon targets a unit hit by the Stubber, it may reroll misses

Hull-mounted Twin Lascannon, swivels up/down and left/right

Rotor cannon is a pintle mounted upgrade

Missiles: Roll a D6 at the start of each fight phase for each enemy unit within 1", on a 4+ it takes D3 mortal wounds (slightly better Frag Assault Launchers)

Transport Capacity 7, can only transport Primaris Marines

Decays its Movement/BS/Attacks as it loses wounds
Movement 10" BS 3+ Attacks 3 base
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