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A long time ago, in a small house near Surrey, a group of Imperial Acolytes assembled and began their own war against the ruinous powers. Amongst their number was a young Tech-Priestess named Ophelia. 

Born in some far flung voidshipyard, she was a talented engineer with an innate understanding of the mechanical, albeit with some sacrifice to her social awareness. After being sent to the Red Planet to learn the ways of the Machine God, Ophelia joined up with a group of Inquisitorial Acolytes and was instrumental in several victories against the powers of Chaos.

Her signature weapons include a Heavy Lift Servo-arm, capable of lifting a Rhino tank clean off the ground (which the model can do), and the Breacher Drill, a piece of repurposed mining equipment with several useful combat applications. She is also armed with a highly sophisticated cybernetic right arm which can transform into a small rotary autocannon.

Several years passed and Ophelia climbed through the ranks, becoming a Magos and commanding the Inquisitorial cruiser "The Wrath of Terra". It was during her tenure on this vessel when she made a dramatic discovery on some distant world. After this, she began ammasing a number of Skitarii Maniples and Battle Servitors. She also gathered a number of experts from the Legio Cybernetica as well as Technoarcheologists, even extending an invitation to Belisarius Cawl. 

Other Tech-Priests have begun to take note of her growing powerbase, wondering what secrets she may be hiding.


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