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A little unpaid commission favour for some professional wargamers who have the First Strike boxset to look at various useful mechanics and whatnot for skirmish games that they might be able to adapt to their own designed games like the idea of 'Command Points' mechanic, or 'Armour Penetration' modifiers etc. Among the games like Bolt Action, Risk and various Submarine or Historic games etc. they had this gem, so being an avid 40K fan I painted them up for them in their chosen garb - Royal Navy battleship grey for the Primaris Intercessors with White Ensign Chapter badges and for the guys with big knives had to be - Royal (space) Marines Primaris Reivers!

I also painted the Nurgle aspects so the Bootnecks have something to stab with their Commando Daggers! (I used Anvil Industries Beret Heads with Respirators for the Green Beret Royal Marines).

Cheers, Siph. 

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