Its a great week for the Age of Sigmar. The very much wanted Cities of Sigmar is about to bring what many people that play have been missing.

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At long last, the cities you first explored in the Realmgate Wars, then later defended during the Seeds of Hope campaign and battled for in Firestorm, have a battletome of their own! Battletome: Cities of Sigmar is your guide to the seven greatest metropolises in the Mortal Realms,* forging several previously disparate factions into one cohesive whole that still manages to capture each city’s distinct thematic flavour. 

A Living City army, for instance, could consist of battalions of hardy Dispossessed Ironbreakers ambushing from the flanks while a column of Shadowblades Dark Riders surge across the centre field, while a Hammerhal force could include bold, charging Demigryph Knights backed up by batteries of Ironweld Arsenal artillery. This book offers almost unparalleled choice to army builders, with loads of warscrolls, allegiance abilities, warscroll battalions and more!

Battletome: Cities of Sigmar isn’t just about the rules – it’s also your chance to discover the cities of the Mortal Realms in incredible detail through reams of new lore. From the spires of Tempest’s Eye to the libraries of the Collegiate Arcane, you’ll have the chance to see just what “ordinary” life in the Mortal Realms is like. With no fewer than seven short stories from acclaimed Black Library wordsmith Josh Reynolds, you can get more insights into the Cities of Sigmar than ever before. 

With so much choice available, the only question is – where do you start your Cities of Sigmar army? Well, there’s good news – it’s about to get even easier with two new Start Collecting! sets. Start Collecting! Anvilgard gives you a selection of Scourge Privateers with which to raid the Mortal Realms, while Start Collecting! Greywater Fastness gives you a doughty company of duardin capable of shredding enemies at any range. Bear in mind that these sets can be used to start any Cities of Sigmar army, not just the ones they’re named after, making them an ideal place to begin. 

With such a vast array of units available for your Cities of Sigmar forces, you’ll want to grab some Warscroll Cards too. That way you can have the rules you need easily to hand, without all that rummaging mid-game.

Orruk Warclans?

Enuff cities. Enuff moustaches. Enuff hats. You’re a hard-bitten worshipper of Gorkamorka, and all you know about civilisation is that it’s very hard to spell. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too. 

Battletome: Orruk Warclans takes the Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz and SMASHES them together into one awesome army – or, if you like, three awesome armies. Inside, you’ll find rules for your Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz, including powerful updated allegiance abilities for both AND a third set of allegiance abilities for the Big Waaagh! These truly terrifying hordes are formed when orruks stop fightin’ over whether armour or warpaint is better and start breaking everything else…

As if countless warscroll battalions, sub-factions, spells, artefacts and command traits weren’t enough, this book is as comprehensive a collection of Orruk lore as there ever was. Inside, you’ll discover the long (and often hilarious) history of greenskins in the Mortal Realms, right up to their role in the ongoing Soul Wars

To minimise the time you spend flicking through your battletome mid-game (and thus maximise the time you spend smashin’ stuff), we’d recommend you grab some Orruk Warclans Warscroll Cards. 

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Gaming Book

Matched play is a cracking way to experience Warhammer Age of Sigmar, whether you’re fighting a balanced bout with a friend at home or taking part in the thriving tournament scene. We know that sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle flicking through multiple books looking for your favourite battleplan, an artefact of the Realms or just a key rule, which is why we’re releasing the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Gaming Book – a curated rules collection containing the most popular supplementary content for matched play.

Combining the Core Rules, Pitched Battle rules, Realm of Battle rules (including Artefacts and Spells of the Realms), the Grand Alliance allegiance abilities and 31 Pitched Battle battleplans, it’s the perfect companion for your next matched play game. 

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