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I really enjoy the 'What's on your table' feature, as one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby for me is seeing what others are up to and hopefully gaining some great ideas for future projects. So huge thanks for being the conduit for this!

My ongoing Feral Ork project grew out of a desire to get some different looking Ork models on the table, as I think the standard Ork Boy tends to look a bit 'samey' on the tabletop when fielded in large numbers. Plus of course, like many out there, I miss the good old days when Orks were truly wacky in the rules as much as the fluff. 

It's currently at about 1800pts as part of a larger 8000pt Waaagh! but I am looking to expand it to around 3k, mainly with more converted ladz from the plastic Savage Ork range, as I currently only have one unit of these chaps. The majority of the other infantry is made up of around 80 Grots led by the classic Zodgrod model, who goes by the title of Grand Runt-boss!

The army was originally constructed and painted at break-neck speed to use in the January '14 Battle Brothers event at GW Nottingham HQ, but has been mothballed up until now due to other projects. It needs a bit of a makeover in terms of highlighting and more work on the bases, so that's the next step - plus a recent idea to convert a Tyranid Harpy to be ridden by an Ork 'Pilot' as a counts-as Blitzabomber.



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