Here is the latest from the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter news.

Exclusive Battlecruisers.... There is some confusion about them, and using them in the future. Here is a quote from Hawk Wargames......
I am happy to say that the Battlecruisers will be alternative sculpts which will also have a pdf rules for fun play, but which will be tournament legal as a model in tournaments based on standard rules it is given too. Basically they are alt sculpts. 

Update #5 - FAQs, Stretch Goals, and something to consider...
As we enter day 5, we again have to say how grateful we are for all of your support!

We have created a range of FAQ's which we hope will answer some questions that people have been putting to us.

We have updated a few of the Stretch Goals too, as the Radar Map has now been unlocked! We will have a lot more information about the next few stretch goals in the next update, along with some more previews too. But in the mean time...

Thanks again for all of your support!
The Hawk Wargames Team

Stretch Goals:
Unlocked: £40k - Goal Reached
Unlocked: £70k - Race Pins (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £100k - Hostile Map Set (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £110k - Faction dice (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £140k - Acrylic Tokens (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £150k - High Rank Backers - 1 Free Scourge Frigate Sprue (makes 4 Frigates)
Unlocked: £190k - Alien Map Set (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £195k - Art Print 2 (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £200k - High Rank Backers - 1 Free UCM Frigate Sprue (makes 4 Frigates)
Unlocked: £210k - PHR PLASTIC STARTER FLEET (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £230k - Art Print 3 (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £240k - Nocturnal Map Set (Bolt-on)
Unlocked: £250k - Kickstarter Exclusive Paper Radar Map (Bolt-On and Free for High Rank Backers)

Still Locked:
£275k - Miniature Unlock to be announced
£290k - Dropfleet Commander Bases Pack (Bolt-On)
£300k - High Rank Backers - 1 Free Shaltari Frigate Sprue (makes 4 Frigates)
£310k - Miniature Unlock to be announced
£325k - Miniature Unlock to be announced
£350k - High Rank Backers - 1 Free PHR Frigate Sprue (makes 4 Frigates)

Can I swap out a faction for different faction in the two player starter set? i.e. Can I have UCM and Shaltari instead of UCM and Scourge (or other variations?)
Unfortunately we are not able to offer this as an option as it’s logistically not viable for us to do so. As with all aspects of this Kickstarter Campaign, we’re keen to offer pledges and stretch goals that we believe backers will want, but we also never want to over promise and then become unable to deliver on our promises.

Will you be doing other races like the Resistance?
A Resistance faction is not possible to create in terms of the background and character of the universe as an entire fleet. We would like to involve them in some way, but there are no plans to do a fleet of resistance as a standalone faction.

What are the stretch goals all about? Why do they seem different to other stretch goals?
Stretch goals allow us to create even more units and elements to the game on launch, and pass the benefits and possibilities on to you. They also contain a range of things, from free add-ons for all backers to exclusive content that you can add to your pledge. Many of these are only (and will only ever be) available for backers on Kickstarter, so you’ll be one of the few to have access to them, as well as getting free stuff with your existing pledge!

We originally planned out the stretch goals with a view to a much slower growth in our pledge total; having been shocked by the level of support, we had to plan further things. We now have a list of future goals up, and if we are fortunate to have backing past that level, we will release even more goals.

I’ve pledged one level – can I increase it later, or increase the number of add-ons I’d like?
At the end of the Kickstarter each backer will get a survey pledge manager to fill in that lists which pledge level and add-ons you have pledged. At this point you can choose your items and add any further Bolt-ons or Sets you would like. Please note that limited pledge levels cannot be upgraded to. More information will follow on this.

How does it differ from other space ship based games, past and present?
With Dropfleet Commander we have been very keen to ensure that the gameplay is central to the concept. We don’t want to take an existing game and just add different looking models, nor do we want to produce a thinly veiled copy of a different game. By focusing on the interaction with planets and introducing a brand new mechanic in terms of ranges and weapons fire, we believe we have married great models with innovative gameplay to create something entirely new.

Hawk is an established company - Why are you using Kickstarter for this game?
Put simply, we want to bring Dropfleet Commander to you in the most versatile, detailed and user friendly way possible, which we feel means plastic models. While we are a growing company, the capital outlay for plastic moulds for everything we’d like to achieve is very high. Kickstarter lets us fund some of this cost and gives fans of the Dropzone universe a chance to help be a part of the future of Hawk Wargames.

I’ve backed other Kickstarters and I’ve still yet to receive my goods, in some cases when the game is in the shops to buy! What stops this happening again?
We’re committed to this not happening. As far as is humanly possible we will confirm that each backer has their rewards before the game hits stores, with some time difference between the two delivery dates. We are close to finalising the rules system, and are aiming to have everything possible in place and ready before the Kickstarter ends.

We have also been very careful with our freebies, extras and stretch goals so that we don’t over promise on anything and then find that either we can’t deliver or, worse still, that with the number of backers and rewards to be sent out we are unable to fulfil the kickstarter’s original purpose. We understand that this slower, more thought out process might be frustrating for some backers, but we are keen to get things right rather than rushed.

What happens next? When do I get the game?
We are already preparing everything we’ll need to get the game to backers as soon as possible once the Kickstarter Campaign has finished this December. The first step after the campaign is for each backer to fill out their survey and pledge manager, letting us know there delivery information, add-on preferences, and if they would like to add or choose other items for their pledge. From there we will put the final game into production. Our current delivery time is estimated for June 2016. What we can promise is that we will keep backers constantly updated with news, sneak peaks and information on a regular basis to let you know the progress of the production and delivery.

How much is the postage?
Postage will vary depending upon the region you are in. The game itself (along with any add-ons purchased) will be fairly heavy, however as another bonus to backers we are reducing our usual rates on postage to the below: 
UK: Free postage 
EU: £5 Postage 
Rest of the World: £10

I’m not pledging from the UK – is this ok?
Kickstarter takes pledges from anywhere in the world – see their FAQ for more information on this. All you will need is a Major credit card. While we would like to be able to take pledges by PayPal or Cheque, Kickstarter is currently unable to support this.

How will this game interact with Dropzone Commander?
Dropfleet Commander is very much about the invasion of the Cradle worlds on a planetary scale; each ground combat in the game is the equivalent of several ‘Clash’ and ‘Battle’ sized games of Dropzone Commander. However, we have worked hard to create some great crossovers. The Dropfleet Commander rulebook will include directions and tips on doing just that, and we will be releasing future campaigns and curating campaign weekends so that players can enjoy both of these games side by side.

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