The Basilisk is probably the one kit we expect to see made into a dual kit, or even possibly a kit with 3 different builds. There is currently quite a bit of artillery models that just do not have a dedicated model this time around. Of course its not outside the realm of possibility that one could be lost, but I am going to assume that wont be the case.

So what is going on with the Basilisk?, well it looks like it might be moving off of the command list, which I assume is the listings for ordering at Games Workshop stores. Ive included the entirety of the email, just to show some of the possibilities we might see.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Yesterday, I was helping on my local 40k store for the command.
I noticed that the Basilisk isn't on the command list anymore.
Just before Christmas it wasn't on the command list too.

This is for the                Store command list, not including direct order from the website.
It sounds like a confirmation that GW team is working on a New Box for the Basilisk.

I hope they would make a box including variants.
*This is my personnel observation of the actual models*
They could probably make 2-3 different boxes:
- Basilisk / Medusa. (with "Enclosed crew compartment" option)
- Griffon / Salamander.
- Colossus. (depending if they keep the chimera pattern or moving to the leman russ pattern)

I think we'll see the "new" Basilisk box with the 6th Imperial Guard Codex, so be patient.
I hope we'll also see Artillery Carriage in Plastic Kit.

Also the Space Marines Whirlwind isn't on the Command List anymore for 2 months, and doesn't have the "Web exclusivity".

I just checked the Basilisk and it got the "Web exclusivity" flag now.

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