It seems a lot of Bretonnian models are disappearing from the GW online store. While this alone may not mean anything, there is something more ominous in the future. A rumor that Bretonnians may be getting the Black Templar treatment.

Please remember that these are rumors, and these are still largely unknown, so please add some extra salt to them.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
Hey Natfka, bit of mild news in case nobody has reported it yet, a large number of
Bretonnian models have disappeared from the GW online store, among them
several Lord and Hero options, the Grail Reliquary, and the Trebuchet kits.

via another reader on Faeit 212
According to one rumor, Bretonnia is going to be squatted as an independant army. They are going to instead pull a Black Templars with the Empire, calling the book "Kingdoms of Men" or something like that.

Now, I am not sure how valid this is, given word of mouth is not a reliable source of rumor - so I suggest you check with your sources first. However, this would explain why various options are being pulled.

As for the doom and gloom, there's a bit of a silver lining. Old Empire players might remember a time where more exotic units like Kislevite Lancers and Dwarfs were kicking around with the Empire. The newer book probably isn't going to be like that, but it might be possible one could use the new book (if true) to represent Araby, Nippon, Cathay, Kislev etc, etc as well as Bretonnia.
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