The Cypher Lords are getting a preview first things this morning. Here is the latest.

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Why Play Cypher Lords?

  • They’re AGILE- Cypher Lords warbands are very mobile, with good movement and a number of abilities that allow them to quickly shift position and take advantage of cover. Whether ambushing enemies, vaulting walls or just grabbing an objective, they’re perfectly suited to the dense battlefields of the Bloodwind Spoil.  
  • They’re CUNNING- Cypher Lords warbands are defined by their excellent pool of abilities, allowing them to control their engagements with deadly effectiveness. Whether they’re switching to ranged attacks, delivering deadly blows out of nowhere or hurling gloom globes at their foes, they’ll certainly keep your enemies on their toes! 
  • They’re DEADLY All this running about and tricking people is one thing – but to win at Warcry, you’ll need to do some damage. Thankfully, the Cypher Lords have that in spades, with most fighters boasting loads of attacks, allowing them to blitz through enemies and increasing their chances of getting those all-important critical hits.

Key Fighters


Mirrorblade with Glaive

Key Abilities

Shadowy Recall

Shattered Gloom Globe

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