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Kangaroo APC Tank is Available Now.

Victoria Miniatures has a great selection of miniatures overall and now they've done it again with their new Kangaroo APC.

via Victoria Miniatures
The first casts of the much anticipated 'Kangaroo APC' tank have landed!
The 'Kangaroo APC' provides a characterful, and highly detailed alternative transport option for you troops. It also goes great with Victoria Miniatures Matilda Tanks, as all the turrets and turret cannons are interchangeable between the kits.
I am super excited about this new release, I genuinely believe it is the finest resin kit Victoria Miniatures has made. Jake Schneider has done an amazing job with the design, and our friends at Trenchworx have outdone themselves with the engineering and production quality. I don't consider myself an armor modeller by any stretch, but even I, was able to assemble my first Kangaroo APC from scratch in less than 30 min. Don't miss out,

The Kangaroo APC comes complete with three turret cannon options:
-Twin Heavy Bolter
-Twin Flamer
-Multi Laser Cannon
And two hull mounted guns:
-Heavy Bolter

Free Shipping.
Don't forget that Victoria Miniatures offers Free Shipping Worldwide, on any order over $100 USD.

Nb. The Kangaroo's hull mounted guns have insets to accept 3 magnets 1/4 inch diameter x 1/32 inch thick.

The Matilda Tank's Turrets and Turret Cannons are interchangeable with the Kangaroo's.