We are approaching the final days of the Kickstarter and showing off our final updates in the next few days. There has been a ton of new information given to really highlight the game and its worth while to share with as many people as you can. There are 4 days left! 

We are successfully funded and pushing towards additional stretch goals!

Lets check out Creating Monsters.

Monsters are at the heart of The Genesys Project, from the 1st Age through to future Ages. They can be customized within your own faction with a lot of versatility, from monstrous mounts to thundering dinosaurs, or even creating an entire army of Monsters!

Every Faction has the opportunity to Monsters, including Humanoids, Fey, Insekts, and Biests. As with most things in The Genesys Project, Monsters are built using traits, specifically through Class Traits called Monstrous Traits. These are taken when creating a new class, taking up one of your Class Traits slots. (It’s always important to remember that as you play games you can add additional classes to your faction.)

When you select a Monstrous Trait, you transform the class into a Monster no longer genetically attached to your faction and swap out your Starting Characteristics for a new set of Monstrous Characteristics. You also lose those Faction Traits the rest of your race/species already has and take new ones selected in a section of the book dedicated to Monsters.  

Creating Monsters means gaining access to an entirely new section of traits designed to customize your monsters called Monsters of Myth and Legend. Here you can create something familiar like Griffons, Drakes, Large Mounts, and even hybrids like Chimeras, to something completely unique and new to your faction.

Monsters not only have access to the Monsters of Myth and Legend but they can also dip into traits from your own domain. Here’s a sample Monster with Traits chosen from the Biest Domain AND the Monsters of Myth and Legend.

Gorgon - Level 3 Class Monster
Monsters of Myth and Legend Traits: Biestial Monster (Taurus) - Powerful Charger, Thundering Charge (gives trample to run over models and stuns), Stone Body (makes him tougher with additional wounds), Rare Metal Infusion - Adamantine (the creature is literally made of it), Horns (natural weapon) with Massive (a morph to enhance our trample).
Extra Class Characteristics added to Movement and Strength. (helps with trample and additional movement since we are taking a -1 to movement from Stone Body).
When creating our Monster, we took very specific traits from both the Biests (our starting Domain) and we jumped over to the Fey from within the Monsters of Myth of Legend traits gaining access to the Earth Sphere of Influence to create an Adamantine bull monster able to trample over enemy formations.

While most Monsters are created as a specific class here and there within a faction, there are those that go even further, creating entire factions of Monsters. This could be a Beastmaster, who rules with an iron fist over his Monsters or a Monster itself who controls and rules all others. There are more than a couple ways of doing this (especially if you are a Biest player):
  • Creating individual Unit Classes that each have access to Monstrous Traits.
  • Taking a Monstrous Trait with Forbidden Lore (my favorite) and slowly (or quickly during creation) transforming your entire faction into Monsters. It should be noted that Class Traits taken are not replaced, only Faction Traits.

If there is any Domain that can build Monsters better than others, it’s the Biests. Biests have a unique take on Monsters, as they can make a race with Monstrous Traits within their species traits, essentially creating an entire Faction of Monsters.

Either way you look at it, Monsters can be incredibly flexible, although expensive (in point costs), but allow for a level of customization unparalleled anywhere else.


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