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New Updates are Coming to Faeit 212

There are new upates coming to this site. While they are still being worked on, for most of you the change should make things easier to find and read the articles you want to use on this site.

Years ago when I changed things here, it was amazing how many other sites picked up something very similar to the new look, this change should do something akin to that. This layout and how the site operates is now very dated. Last time I had contracted out to this so many years ago, this time around I am personally doing it myself.

The updates include a new layout as well as some other changes that will include more of what it is that you like and hopefully somethings that you would like to see changed. There will be new articles as well, including more of what you would like to see including Battle Reports, Tutorials, and Product Reviews, an expansion of games covered, and all of it in easily defined sections to make life easier for the reader. Want to find out the latest on 40k only? Yep, its got it's own section. Want it all, the latest updates, no problem.

When are these new updates going to go live? Well they are currently being installed into my test sites, so that the transition will be smooth for everyone. We will still be using Disqius in the comments sections as well. My estimates are a month or work. Once we get close I will be talking more on it.

Any comments and things you would like to see, including games, other functionalities..... contact me directly if they are big, otherwise the comment section works.