The latest from Raging Heroes has the Blade Maidens now in packs with some great discounts. As always the sculpts from of these Maidens are incredibly dynamic and ready to take to the tables. Liven up your armies.

The Latest from Raging Heroes

New release: The Sisterhood strikes back:
The Blade Maidens' vengeance! 

Beware of these blades! The most dangerous sisterhood of the Galaxy is extending its reign: the Blade Maidens are now walking into the battle and ready to fight for justice... Finally you can paint these beauties!

Save up to 31% with the epic Packs!
So you want your Fantasy Sisters army to switch up to the EPIC level? We got you: the Crusader Packs and the Blessed Revengers Packs are back, including our new Blade Maidens but also our Angels, our Consecrated Sisters, the Daughters Of The Orphanage, ...
And of course they're excellent deals: Epic packs = epic savings: up to 31% off with these packs!

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