There are going to be some big sales coming at the end of the week for Black Friday and we will be looking at some of them of interest. One though starts tomorrow with early access to the sales over at Raging Heroes. Here is what is going on.

Press Release from Raging Heroes
Black Friday: Early Birds and details revealed!

Yes, it's that time of the year again, and we do have great deals coming up but with very LIMITED quantities, first come first served. That's why Newsletter subscribers are spoiled with a VIP early access to the sales TOMORROW! Here's a bit of info about what's coming up at Raging Heroes:

1 - The Newsletter subscribers will get a premium early access to the Black Friday sale on tomorrow, Wednesday + Thursday so they can grab some exclusive deals before Friday, because we have limited quantites on many models, and some of them might be sold out pretty quick... Link to subscribe:

2 - Flash sale on all unreleased models: some of these figurines might just be released next year, but we are going to release them in limited quantities from Friday to Monday, first come first serve! Includes outstanding TGG2 models that a lot of fans have been waiting for, especially one huge "miniature" ...

3 - Flash sale on TGG1 metal Heroines: flash sales popping up all over the weekend, quantities are very limited on some specific models

4 - Special discounts will be applied on orders depending on your selection, more details to be unveiled in the next days.

Again, we encourage people to subscribe to get advantage on the limited quantities, and avoid missing out on some models that could run out of stock:

Get ready, it's gonna be fun!

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