There are a few new things coming to Faeit 212 towards the end of the year and first up is Alternative Reviews, where here at Faeit 212 we order miniatures and give you the run down.

The point really is that many of us are always looking at other sculpts from other companies beyond the big one we don't need to name here. However there are lots of factors that hold us back from ordering from these companies, shipping times, scale comparisons, and details and cost of the miniatures.

So what I have decided to do is to order from these various companies out there... there are a lot of amazing people in this industry creating some great miniatures, and giving you the reader the run down of the experience so that you may make a better informed decision if these miniatures or the company is something you want to order from.

While there are actually 5 companies that I have ordered or will be ordering from the first three in this series are Mierce Miniatures, Mantic Games, and Puppets War. There are two more companies that I am ordering from this week, but those will be in the near future and most likely for next months articles.

We will be rating the companies on a scale of 1-5. Based on a couple different factors. While most of this is subjective, 1 will be low.... 3 average and 5 beyond exceptional and I was impressed.

  1. Speed of Delivery and customer service
  2. Cost of Their Miniatures.. including shipping costs.
  3. The Miniatures Themselves, including the miniatures Scale (with comparisons), Level of detail, and what they are made of.

The Question to You?
So my question to you is... What other companies beyond the ones I have listed do you want see on this list?

First three are already here with reviews being worked on.

  1. Mierce Miniatures
  2. Mantic Games
  3. Puppetswar
Remember the goal here is to create a large archive of companies that you can drop back to and figure out just exactly what you want to get with easily found information. 

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