There is a new (and very graphic heavy) site up for the Blackstone Fortress alongside a full (over an hour) how to play video. Its very cool, so definitely worth checking out.

Here is a quick link to the Blackstone Fortress Website

via the Warhammer Community site
Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is almost upon us – the first game of its kind set in the grim darkness of far future! There is now a website dedicated to this gripping and atmospheric game – including an introduction to the background and environment as well as a comprehensive How to Play video.
By entering this portal (by which we mean clicking on this link), you will be transported to a hub of hitherto forbidden knowledge and bear witness to a wealth of information about the mysteries that can be found within the Blackstone Fortress – and the brave adventurers seeking to plunder it.

As well as an introduction to the eight (well, technically it’s nine…) explorers and the hostile adversaries they face within the fortress’ labyrinthine corridors, there is a detailed How to Play video presented by none other than Becca Scott!

In this in-depth playthrough, Becca runs three suspicious-looking characters (namely Peachy, Duncan and Forge World’s Louise) through an expedition into the Blackstone Fortress, introducing each element of the game as she does so – it’s both informative and fun to watch as they collectively pit their wits against the fortress’ hostiles and hidden dangers!
This here is a trailer for the How to Play video (not the whole video, that’s on the Blackstone Fortress website):
If you’re interested in learning more about the miniatures, rules and background of the game (of course you are – that’s why you’re here!)

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