There was quite the update today from Forgeworld for the Horus Heresy FAQs and Errata. While I have not read through the entire thing yet, it appears some of the updates just bring tolder books up to date with more recent releases, and of course there are updated Dreadnought rules (more attacks). All in all there are 10 pages in the new FAQ, so this was a nice update.

Some nice things that have come up behind the scenes from the FAQ's are allowing Tartaros terminators to make sweeping advances and FAQing in the Knight carapace weapons and the other three plastic Knights from GW (Warden etc.). -Brendan

Its great to see updates, and I think it's important for Game Companies (even if they are model companies) to produce updates like this. Nice job Forgeworld.

The Horus Heresy 7th Edition Warhammer 40,000 FAQ and Errata

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