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This Week's Releases- Fyreslayer Characters, Bloodthirster Repack, and Chaos Battletome

It seems another week of the Age of Sigmar, with two Fyreslayer Characters and some Chaos Repacks including the Bloodthirster and Bloodcrushers, Bloodletteres, and Bloodthrone. Also coming is a Chaos Alliance Battletome that is a compilation of Battlescrolls for most of what we already have.

via Archibald_TK on Warseer
Next releases:
- Bloodthirster, Bloodcrushers (now per 6), Bloodletters & Bloodthrone are back in new packaging.
- Battlesmith (1 model) 23€ - £18 - $30 - AU$ 1.000.000 and a liver
- Grimwrath Berserker (1 model) 23€ - £18 - $30 - AU$ 1.000.000 and a kidney

- Chaos Alliance book or whatever it'll be called in English (304 pages, yup, no typo here, softcover) 26€ £20 $33
Ah, it's the old softcover Codex pricing! 158 Warscrolls for the 21 following factions:
- Everchosen
- Slaves to Darkness
- Khorne Bloodbound
- Daemons of Khorne
- Tzeentch Arcanists
- Daemons of Tzeentch
- Nurgle Rotbringer
- Daemons of Nurgle
- Hosts of Slaanesh
- Daemons of Chaos
- Brayherds
- Warherds
- Monsters of Chaos
- Chaos Gargants
- Thunderscorn
- Master Clan
- Clan Verminus
- Skryre
- Moulder
- Pestilens
- Eshin

Thunderscorn are Dragon Ogres... I mean Dragon Ogors... 

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  1. Sweet, finally find out if lesser daemons are going to 32mm bases

  2. Chaos repacks. Just what I've never wanted! :-P

    Interesting to see the name of a Tzeentch faction. That Slaanesh faction name could have been a wee bit more original though.

    1. 'Apostles of the Lost God' would have been pretty sweet

  3. Oh man, those Aussie prices have been getting better lately. Each models used to cost both a liver AND a kidney!

    Good job GW, you're improving.

  4. Always good to see that the snippy pervs aren't going anywhere :D

  5. thanks to spikbits(scanner)

  6. Hosts of Slaanesh?? Nice to see confirmation that S/he's still in there, and some new content as well!

    1. It was only the members of Internet clan Haterade that believed s/he was gone to begin with.

      Nothing in the lore or fluff implied that GW was doing away with it.

    2. can't help it eh Doogle.

      got to inflame the situation again and again so people will notice and continue to dislike you. well done.

      suppose everyone has to have a hobby.

    3. He's right though. Maybe you shoud be the one to stop replying...

    4. Haha, the prodding and counter prodding continues!

    5. Dark Inferno!
      That was very uncalled for... Again McD has a right to an opinion (That happen's to be right I may add)
      Just for YOU to start in with the nasty stuff...
      Shame on you!
      Now go and right "I promise not to be an internet nob" 100 times... GO!

    6. oh here comes team bend over and shill like a man. ;)

    7. every one is entitled their opinion but it doesn't mean it is right. you can agree with doogle. that's your right. don't let me stop you. but that said i am no more wrong than doogle is. unless you are only allowed a shillington opinion. but that's becoming more evident as time goes on.

    8. Shillington opinion... OK...
      Mate you are wrong though and btw your being an ass hole too.

  7. I love the idea of a giant freaking superbook including everything in one of the 'big four' overfactions. Fingers crossed that Death will get the same treatment, including Vamp Counts, Tomb Kings, and some new stuff.

    1. Given we're getting the repacked Nagash and Co this weekend, I'm surprised we haven't had a Death tome already - that said I would have to imagine it would just combine the VC's, TK's and the stuff from End Times, unless they update some stuff like the zombies and the like.

    2. Zombies are in for an update soon... ;)
      And Death are going to be broken down into separate part's.
      Death Rattle horde.
      Flesh Eater's.
      and some other's I can't remember.

    3. I agree. It makes sense and makes it easier to try out newer forces.

    4. I never started Warhammer Fantasy in any form other than the role playing game back in the 90's, but I really look forward to new zombies. They can be used in so many different games: 40k, Necromunda, etc. etc.

  8. I never understand why these people who take the WD leak pics never bother to take a pic of the cover of whatever battletome is coming out. I'm interested to get a look at that Chaos Alliance book.

  9. I hope all four overfactions get this treatment!

    1. LOL. serious. yep he's serious. i hope they do as well. then we can prove they (AoS) books aren't selling. if it's not's an indicator of AoS being a global success story..... ~100% legit~

    2. Seriously, you'll never prove that anything to do with AOS does or doesn't sell globally simply because you/we don't have the figures and GW never releases them.

      Compound this by having individual warscrolls available for a meagre amount (or free) on the Warhammer/AOS app and you have another reason for any reduced tome sales for pure players who don't care about anything but rules.

      Give it up.


      I'm Warning you sonny...
      One more little outburst like that and... ALL THE TOYS GO BACK IN THE BOX!
      Got it!

    4. @ Mauler: what do i need to prove. GW proves it each financial report without my doomsaying. each consecutive year they bring in less overall cheese....this is regardless what they release or what they open or close or "lip service" the "brand". it continues to make less money on actual product. GW makes more from liscensing it's IP than from 40k and AoS combined. do i need figures to be able to read a financial report? since it mentions what i basically have outlined here.

      not to mention making "rules" free they negate need for the books. kinda counter productive doncha think? the aim should be building the hobby and community....but what do i know..... being a bitter vet and all. (only that more of the same = my predictions come true)

      @ Yoggy: don't be a soggy yoggy. ;)

    5. You need to prove that AOS is tanking because that what you seem to consistently imply.

      You don't need figures to read a report, just eyes that work...and to also actually read the report because right on the first page it has (in a pretty clear font, too)...

      Operating profit pre-royalties receivable

      Royalties receivable

      Operating profit is from sales. I don't think I need to explain what royalties are. Even logically when you have a company with shops all over the world, selling a premium product, there's no way in merry hell that their own sales are eclipsed by royalties from a handful of video games by no major developers. Come along now. :P

      Why are rules "rules"? Books will always be purchased for many reasons. All my rulebooks and codicies are proper books. You say that GW aren't trying to build the hobby and yet the core rules (all four pages lol) are free. All the rules for old Fantasy units are free. Players with Fantasy armies can 100% officially play the game for free. New Warscrolls cost £1.50 each via the AOS app.

      Core Rules:
      40k: £50
      AOS: Free

      Players of prev edition:
      40k Codex: £25-30
      AOS Scrolls: Free

      New Books:
      40k Codex: £20-30
      40k Campgn: £45
      AOS Tomes: £20-35
      AOS Campgn: £45

      Non-BL Individual units/Formations:
      40k: LOL, no
      AOS: £1.50

      So; free stuff, £1.50 for individual Formations and (I just noticed) £15 for the rules content from a £45 campaign book. 40k has none of that...I'd say that's bloody good for building the AOS community and hobby, yes? Of course it is.

      I'm almost tempted to mail GW and ask where our 40k app is with cheap rules, FFS.

  10. Looking forwards to get my hands on this!

  11. Age of sigmar is a nice break for the 40k guys. Even tho we want more our wallets don't haha

  12. So are these revised in any way? Or are they just the currently available scrolls from the site? Joke rules and all.

    1. Probably the latter. :'-(

      Although there are a few new factions in there, so who knows. Maybe the existing scrolls with a few new ones?

    2. I wonder if it will all be uploaded online too. So much for all the rules being free... Technically they've already broken that promise

    3. I would guess they’re all the same. Sounds to me like you can get the rules for free still individually but you can also pay $33 for them all in one nice-looking combined book.

    4. What promise, Inquisitor? The core rules and basic units rules are free. On top of that there's more free warscrolls on the AOS app that I care to count, and that's just in the 10 seconds it took me to pick up my phone and have a gander.

      There's a TON of free stuff, and the individual warscrolls from the tomes that aren't free are a paltry £1.50 for people to pick if they want.

      No offence, but if you thought that GW were going to practically give away an entire game for free you might've misunderstood what you saw/read/heard?

    5. Leave it Mauler, some folks just have a real hard time with the facts...

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. so basically there is no need to buy the books.... irony deficient are we @ mauler. LMAO. they are avail free on the internet. yet you can buy them in a book...... ha ha ha ha Inquisitor is right......LOL because i said so......@ Yoggy isn't that how it works.... ;)

    8. Where's the irony? People who want books will buy books. People who want snazzy books will buy the snazzy books. People who don't want books will buy the scrolls they want online instead.

      Without having figures for all of the warscroll releases we have no idea how well AOS is doing beyond "X people in my area do/don't play it" which is worth zip.

      The irony here is you thinking that you have the high ground, DI, when you really have nothing to base your points on beyond trying to wind people up. ;P

  13. Good thing I've got this handy refrigerator full of organs just in case I see something I like.