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War is Coming: Shieldmaidens vs Orcs- Funded Plus Updates and New Models

Shieldwolf Miniatures new Kickstarter already been funded, and is now going past it's first couple stretch goals. This has unlocked the new Warmaidens and more. Here are the latest updates, plus an exclusive look at some concept work showing off the Shieldmaidens.

310 backers
$39,097 pledged of $30,000 goal
25 days to go

Here are some of the latest updates

Also I did get the chance to talk a little to Shieldwolf miniatures through emial, and they sent me this pic of the Shieldmaidens in regards to static poses that some people were bringing up. Because they are modular, and their poses changed, it breaks up the mono-pose look. There are also lots of interchangeable parts between kits.

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  1. The lack of armour covering the gut (y'know, where most of your internal organs are) is annoying as always, but the sculpts themselves seem rather well done.

    1. that's because women traditionally are not combatants or warriors anywhere in history and all instances of women being in that type of lifestyle is in male fantasies....last i checked i don't have things all spread out before me in a logical way when i'm in my own "fantasy land" and armour on a woman like that would be close to the fantasy image.....miniature gaming is just physical/material fantasy.....could it use more or better suited armour? sure could, but would it improve the look of the model? probably not. will people want to paint it over the general female model? that depends entirely on the painter, but one thing is certain and women with partial armour like that above sell like hotcakes, those that aren't are so hard to find that they aren't as popular sellers.

    2. oh, don't get me wrong, I realise *why* it's done the way it is (even though I disagree slightly with the "it's because they sell better" - of course they do, they're basically the only kind of female miniatures made, you can't sell something that's rarer than well written GW rules)

      That doesn't change the fact that I find it annoying as all hell.

    3. Least these are reasonably realistically proportioned, oh and only about half have unarmoured midriffs ;)

    4. I still think that Conan's armor choices are horribly outdated...

      And for some reason they used a body builder...

      Even in history, in many societies males went to war naked, even against armored soldiers. Atleast these have some clothing on them...

    5. Sure.

      And then they got f*cked up.

      There's a reason people wear armour, y'know.

  2. Two boxes of Warmaidens for free when we hit 60k is pretty sweet.

  3. Increased my pledge to 100.

    Hoping we hit the Warmaiden mark!