Lady Atia chimed in and added to the Adeptus Mechanicus conversation here on Faeit 212. With that, it was time to update and combine the articles so that everything credible here in one place.

It makes it easy for Games Workshop to release a full Adeptus Mechanicus codex simply because most of the work is already done. I can see this as the good strategy to get a new army into the 40k fold; release a smaller codex, see how it goes, and then a second one to build up the support for it. This most likely helps a lot get everything done so that an entirely new army does not have to be released all at once.

Now with the models done for them, combining them into a full codex is much easier, and any models that were in the design stage, and did not quite make production, are saved for the full codex release. That doesn't mean you wont be able to play the Skitarii or Cult Mechanicus on their own, this just gives you the option to play the full codex.

I would expect this release to be sooner than later. Squiggly's bits of information have been no more than a couple months out at the most in the past.

Lords of War also hinted at a full Adeptus Mechanicus Codex as well some time ago. Things are looking good for this release. Looks like I am retiring my Eldar for something new.

via Lady Atia as posted on Faeit 212 and Bolter and Chainsword

Well wouldnt be surprised to see a proper Ad Mec codex when they release their Crusader and Collosus robots
they have designs for them (infact the only designs that didn't got used for the last two Ad Mec releases)

yeah, GW has concepts done for 2 more robots boxes, one which is based on the old collossus and should be a dual kit box, the other based on the crusader. Should have new Datasmith models in it too (or at least that was the plan)

via Squiggly from New Years
Since it's new years...

I have this big jumbo Admech codex, with a new flyer, more robots, and a general release of that lovely Enginseer that popped up last month. No idea on timeframe.

via Squiggly from earlier today
(about CSM not Getting a Codex Release until 2017)
This is true I'm sad to say. We will see some chaos stuff for both game systems this year though. Mostly of the blue variety.

New admech book. Basically the two seperate codexes rolled into the big book with some new additions. The new additions are basically just leftovers from the last release that never got put into production. There was concept work done on two more types of battle robots and a new flyer of some sorts. That Enginseer from the Leman Russ bundle should also be getting a seperate release.

No idea on timeframe, but if the Admech I.A is getting released this year. Common sense would dictate...

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