I have a set of Anvil miniatures for Afterlife on my painting table right now. I really like their models, so I have been keeping a an eye out on what they have coming. Especially the APC that is currently a work in progress. These are looking good, and I can think of at least model they would look good for.


via Anvil Industries
This week in conversion corner we have some Republic Grenadiers converted to Special Forces. The standard Battle Rifles have been upgraded using the barrels and magazines from our Negotiator Sniper Rifles to make some heavy duty support and sniper variants.

The Commander has an upgraded comms pack, and some Grenadiers are sporting shoulder mounted flashlights (our Tactical Scope, we keep finding uses for these!) as well as night vision goggles from the Black-Ops head set.

All parts on 15% dscount for 2 weeks until 21 January.

via Anvil Industries
Here is a WIP render of the Unity Council Taipan, a much larger APC designed to transport Ajax Exo-Mechs into battle.
The Taipan will have a turret with Twin Heavy Autocannons OR a missile system, and as you can see, it features full interior detailing!
As I anticipate lots of people asking - Yes, this vehicle is the perfect size to use as a replacement for That vehicle.

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