Today we get a chance to check out several models from Anvil Industry and see just what they are all about. The models are all for their game Afterlife, which also came my way with a background booklet talking about the storyline and the two factions, the Republic and the Unity Council. The models themselves are fantastic. Lets take a look.

Now I spent the time to put these together, but I have not gotten to paint them yet. So the painted models shown here are from Anvil Industry's website. Everything else is how I have them here on my work mats.

First off the models are all resin. The resin is easy to work with and there were no bent or misshapen sprues or pieces. I would love to see these guys in plastic, but I know that is a huge investment. Overall the quality of the models is high. 

Also the sprues themselves are fantastic. Anvil Industries put in some extra work, and attached to the sprues rubble pieces that can be added to the bases of the models.
Here are a few pics showing off how they do this.

I also love the aesthetics of the models as they have exo-suits that give us that futuristic, but not over the top look to the soldiers. On top of that there are full armored suits, and even autonomous robotic solders as well.  Check out these models

The other thing that stood out on these models was the detail. No drilling out gun barrels here. 

While there are always models that you like better than others, the overall look of the miniatures I really like, and the detail is there. You dont have to deal with hands larger than the size of heads, as the scale looks appropriate.

OK, bad picture of probably my favorite model above..... Lets show off a few more pics.

When it comes to the armored car, I like the looks of it painted up... here is an image from Anvil's site.

The rules for Afterlife are not quite out yet, but will be a free downloadable pdf when they do. 

I really can't wait to get some of these painted up. Here are a couple more pics

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