Back for more, its time to talk weapons, specifically what happens with weapons in Genesys. We are going to talk Melee Combat weapons today, as the characteristics of weapons can lead to new possibilities and flexibility within the game system.

Since the playtest gameplay rules went out yesterday, I figured it was time to open up a little bit about what some of the melee combat weapons found in the game can do.

As in many games a Melee Combat weapon has the strength of the user. The weapon can take any form really, but there are some characteristics that are worth mentioning.

Two Handed Weapons: These weapons can be quite powerful in the hands of an experienced warrior, whether it be your elite soldiers are your bold heroes on the field. Sacrificing an attack with a two handed weapon grants +1 weapon bonus to the strength of the hit.

Two Melee Combat weapons: Of course what hero would not want to be found wielding two weapons at once! Again experienced warriors can sacrifice an attack, and in doing so, gain a +1 weapon bonus to their Martial Combat skill (Mc)

Threat Ranges: Every Melee Combat Weapon has a threat range of 1, but some, like Pikes, Long Spears, Lances and more have extended threat ranges. Its important to note that you cannot pass through the threat range of an unengaged enemy model without providing it the opportunity to make a provoked attack- Unless you engage the model. (an engaged model is in base to base)

Long Weapons allow for you increase your threat range, in a melee combat, for second row combatants to join in, etc. On a charge, the first round of melee combat resolved with the longest weapons first. That means if you charge a squad of pikemen, you have to get through their attacks. You can imagine the charge swordsmen attacking your wall of pikes, and getting impaled on the way in. By the same token that heavy cavalry charge with lances is going to hurt.

Many weapons that have extended ranges, like pikes, also cannot be used against engaged models after the first round of combat. So if you have a 3" threat range with your pike, you had best have that extra sword with you.

Thrown Weapons: Thrown weapons have limited ammunition in Genesys, so you had best take some extras with you if you want to throw a weapon. Thrown weapons use the strength of the thrower when resolving wounds. Some melee combat weapons can be thrown (even as a reaction). For example you are about to charged... and you know that is going to hurt, so you do a reactionary activation with your warrior and throw that spear to try and take down the charger before he reaches you.

While we are at it, pistols can be used in close combat and come with their own threat range!

Changing topics a little.
What's being worked on now... Just a quick mention of what is being worked on right now at this moment tonight. Equipment for the third age is a lot of fun, and things like Gravity Bombs with timed detonations, Liquid Armor, and distortion fields.

Gravity Bombs implode, pulling large mass objects towards its detonation. When the mass at the center hits critical, it explodes. For example, a soldier with a Toughness of 3 will have much less of a pull, and will only be dragged 3" towards detonation, but a Grav Tank with toughness of 9 will feel its effects much more, and be pulled towards it 9"/ round. When the critical mass is reached at the bombs location, it explodes.

Liquid Armor. Although used in the second age, Liquid armor in the third age is perfected to be a flexible yet strong material. It becomes rigid upon impact, and is quite utilitarian for personal use, as well as for use in reinforcing advanced composite metals. (interesting note here is that liquid armor is not science fiction, we currently are exploring the uses of and technology of it- look it up, it;s fascinating.)

Distortion Fields, distort sensors and perception of the bearer. Distortion fields bend light, reducing the accuracy ranges of enemy weapons.

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