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Eldar Corsair Combat Drugs and Revenant Titan

If only Dark Eldar were able to take Combat Drugs like these. I so much prefer the old edition drugs from the old days, and just having these back in make me ready to jump into Corsairs for the nostalgia. Check out the latest rumblings of the Eldar.

The following has been collected below from different sites and sources.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Revenant Titan
9hp super heavy walker
Cloudburst Missile Launcher and must take two  Pulsar/Sonic Lance
Has Revenant Jump Jets-36" move gets +2 d6 charge distance and d6+1 HoW attacks
Wraith Titan can only be hit on 6's but Garg creatures and superheavy walkers hit on 5+
Titan Holfields are same 4+ and 3+ if they dont move.
Cloudburst Missile Launcher-heavy 4 S8 AP3 skyfire, interceptor, sunder

via mercury14 on Warseer
Re: Possible update to Eldar Corsairs coming soon
Anyway, Corsair Princes/Princesses all have their own dark little obsessions and *may* take one of the following paths at no cost:

A) Seeker of Forbidden Pleasures (aka The Drug Lord) - The Corsair Prince gains the Corsair Combat Drugs special rule and any unit in the same detachment (infantry/JP infantry, jetbike) may get Corsair Combat Drugs for +15 points per unit.

Corsair Combat Drugs (aka the "those Dark Eldar drugs just make me sleepy" drug list).
1) +1A
2) +1S
3) +1I
4) +1T
5) +1 WS
6) Roll for two drugs (!!!)

*waits to sober up*

B) Traveler of Forgotten Paths - The Webway Prince. Because walking is for chumps. The Prince gets a Multi-phase key generator and any other character in the detachment can get one too. So wtf is this thing?

Multiphase Key Generator - the model gets Deep Strike, something about carving the webway. In addition it may be activated during any shooting phase instead of shooting to open up a webway gate within 3" of the model. All your reserves can enter through it except not vehicles. If any of your guys are falling back within 3" of it, they can go in it and enter ongoing reserves.

C) Collector of Ancient Treasures - This is how the Prince can get a relic from CWE, DE, or Harlequins. Mask of Secrets maybe. Also any other character in the detachment can slap Master-Crafted on their weapon for 10 pts. It doesn't say it has to be a CC weapon.

D) Reaper of the Outer Dark - For the Prince that's really loves killing. The Prince gets Rampage and any unit in the detachment can get Rage for free. But whenever they're within 8" they *must* charge. If they killed a unit with shooting and have another enemy within 8" they get to (must) charge it.

E) Wielder of Profane Powers - This Prince picked up something that should have been left unfound. Gains +1 psychic ML, meaning they can be ML2. Must pick at least one Maelefic Demonology power and other psykers in the detachment get access to Demonology. When they peril, replace the 6 (remember they have their own perils chart as I posted) with:

Lust for Dark Power: The Prince went too far down the dark path (d'oh!). For the rest of the game at the beginning of every psychic phase the Prince must attempt a Malefic power using at least 2WC. If for some reason they can't, they get pinned automatically.

F) Survivor of Endless Darkness - For the geriatric prince 3000 years old who's basically a ghoul going around sipping elixers to postpone death. This prince is insane and possibly sort of like a mummy with makeup. Gains It Will Not Die but if he fails it, he crumples to the ground coughing up dust (auto-pinned).

Any other units in the detachment can get FnP for +10 points.

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  1. Damn... As a Dark Eldar player, I do get tearful reading all this. T_T
    So, I I understand it right, all of this info comes from the new edition of the Doom Of Mymeara?

    1. yeah if its not eldar we got 0 love. seriously just give it to them both. i mean eldar gets op shit and we jsut get squat

  2. Dark Eldar had the misfortune to be a pre-Necron 7th edition codex. If recent trends are anything to go by then next time wi be better

  3. Am I reading those new revenant rules right? It can only be hit on a 6? Then it gets it's 4+ (posssibly 3+) holo save, thenn whatever souped up invul/cover save it can get from psychic powers/skyshield what-have-you?

    Is the new invisiblle deathstar a corsair revenant?

    1. This is what was posted in the other post

      Any word on changes to the Revenant?
      Gets a heavy 4 S8 AP3 skyfire, interceptor, sunder "Cloudstrike" missile system. And it's only hit on 6's in close combat now (GMCs and superheavy walkers hit it on a 5+). Titan holofields are unchanged. Weapons are unchanged. The thing is completely ridiculously OP. It was OP before, now it's just dumb.

    2. To be fair, the hot on 6's part is for melee only. Shooting will hit as normal. Still, that makes it much more durable than it was, so I suppose it may be the new deathstar. It still won't be allowed anywhere, though.

    3. This thing is stupidly resilient. I was praying FW would make the holo-fields a normal invulnerable save again, but no.

      Don't want to sound like a despicable hater, but I even bet they succeeded in making the Phantom more OP too.
      8 S:D PA1 at 120ps is so weak when you compare with a Warlord, c'mon Eldars need more love...

    4. Unplayable, forbidden everywhere (except maybe in apoc games), but the footsloggers corsaires and their bikes are beautiful

  4. My Dark Eldar gently weep on the shelf. Talk about a completely botched codex. Such a lovely looking army which had a great codex only to get completely neutered. They even nerfed their own bomber hurting their sales.

    1. "Hey I have a great idea! Let's take the Flickerfield away from virtually the entire DE army...and then rename it and give it to CWE!!!" -_-

    2. Except they're not CWE they are corsairs and are as much dark eldar as they are CWE. Can't we just celebrate a fluffy competitive faction has been created with great models. Why does this release even relate to the dark eldar codex? In fact you've got less to gripe about with this list than a sisters player. At least you can use this stuff easily and thematically.

  5. DE insulted and made obsolete with this book. I just dont get why they do stuff like this to their own game.

    They dont care a lick for all the DE players? Why not just build parity into the game? Theres no way stuff like this isnt alienating more customers than its creating.

    1. 40k is an insult man. What a wreck huh.

    2. Because: If you're a Dark Eldar player, they already got your money.

    3. Silly Androkt, GW are in the business of selling miniatures, not games! And if you do not like their products, you aren't a costumer :^)

      Really though, you can just use your Deldar models with this list instead of the shitty codex, so it's not that bad. At least you don't play Orks.

  6. Yeh right, more OP Eldar crud great. Just what this broken game needs, this and the Tau release together?
    How in the name of all that is holy can any 40k fanboy try and tell me that Tau are balanced and Eldar are fair? BS that's what this is.

    1. Funny.
      I collect DE so yeah there is a problem, not with Eldar as such or Tau just with the god awful steaming pile that is 40k atm.

    2. Least AoS has some sort of balance.

    3. not really. @ jubby *least AOS has some sort of balance* it's as balanced (like40k) as you the player, makes it. if you cheese then of course it'll be unfair.

    4. I think what Jubby Munky is getting at is the fact that you both have the opportunity to cheese in AoS if you both agree to or if your opponent cheese's you have the ability to say "Sorry matey I don't think that Cheese will make for a fun game, how about you lesson the cheese flavor so we can haz da funz."
      Not "Well my list is X amount of point's... It's not my fault that your below par army is... well.. below par huhuhuuh"
      As is the case with almost all 40k games in this current meta.

  7. The next DE codex better be an awesome update (like Necrons) with a flood of new models (like Tau). The power level for the new Tau codex is still unclear but I have to imagine DE will get a similar model release since there are still so many finecast models and character removed.

    1. Talk to all the eldar players with aspects that look like there from the 80's models wise dark eldar has had way more love than eldar.

      We're that army was let down was in the rules. It came out before the necron codex that was its only crime. The design team must have been on holiday and they left the junior in charge for that one and the blood Angel codex.

      However nothing lasts for ever I am sure we will see another dark eldar codex in 1 to 2 years. Waiting with you as I have a dark eldar army as well.

  8. Replies
    1. "SM will not get a new codex."

    2. Not in the next 3 to 6 month's anyway...
      Maybe in under 2 years though...

    3. nah they'll redo them again just after Xmas. you heard it here first :P

  9. The list looks like it will be full of character and highly customizable. Both are things that I think are sorely lacking from most of GWs recent releases. These things promote creativity, conversions and a more thematic experience.
    The comments about the combat drugs are frankly just ridiculous, they're identical to the DE ones apart from the last result (Which admittedly is great), but please don't blow things out of proportion.

  10. And then the Green Skins are over in the corner like "What in the name of Gork (or possibly Mork) did we do wrong? Why no love for the WAAAGH!?"

  11. For the combat drugs, what happens if you roll multiple sixes? One six= 2 rolls on the table. What if one of those rolls is a six? Do you get more rolls?