More just keeps coming, and the Corsairs are looking pretty good right now. Of course I am still digesting it and digging through it like everyone else.

Here is part two

via mercury14 on Warseer
In other news...

- The Nightwing is only 25 points more than a naked Farseer. It has stealth and Agile.

- you can arm a Wasp with both a dark lance and a bright lance.

- Wasps get D6+1 hammers of wrath when they assault using their jump jets. They gained open-topped... But get 4++ rerollable vs shooting whenever they jumped or deep struck on the previous turn.

- For +10 points Corsair Reavers ("basic" Corsairs) can all upgrade to Void Hardened armor. This gives them 3+ armor and re-rolls for dangerous terrain and difficult terrain, but they lose Fleet.

- Balelight: Pistol 3D3, rending, blind, one use, 8", S3, AP6.

The book also has more choices for the Eldar Warhost formation in the CW Codex. Lots more actually. Here's one.

Lord of the Undying Host (Command Choice)
1 Wraithseer
1-3 units of Wraithblades

Special Rules:
- Wisdom Beyond the Veil: roll 2D6 for warlord trait, pick the one you like
- Bound to Serve: Wraithblades and Wraithseer re-roll to-hit rolls of '1' in the first round of CC

There's an alternate to the Eldar Warhost in here, sort of a modified version where instead of getting the buffed battle focus thing, you pick a trait.

Warhosts of the Pale Courts (The Pale Courts are the minor craftworlds), uses normal auxiliary and command choices
- Pale Courts Battlehost: Farseer, 3 Guardian Defender units, 0-1 Warlock councils
- Pick one of 11 traits.

> Crossroads of Eternity: The Battlehost may include a Harlequin Troupe, counts as CE Eldar faction

> Children of Khaine: The 3 units of Guardians must be Storm Guardians who are S4 when they roll a '6' to hit

> Disciples of Vaul: The Battlehost adds 1-3 Vaul's Wrath batteries and the Guardians may take 1 support weapon per 5 models

> Graveyard of Dreams: The Battlehost must take 3 Wraithblade units, the Guardians become 0-3. The wraithblades get Crusader.

> Tomb-Ship of Fallen Heroes: The Battlehost uses a Spiritseer or Wraithseer instead of the Farseer, roll 2D6 take the best for WL traits. Must also take a Wraithlord.

> Aspect-Lord Shrine: Guardians become 0-3, Battlehost must include three Aspect Warrior units from a single aspect.

> Fortress of Discipline - Battlehost adds 1-3 War Walkers or 1 unit of Wasps. They get pinning against anything Guardians targeted that turn.

> Swift to Anger - Battlehost must inclide 1-3 Vyper units or 1 Hornet unit. They get outflank and re-roll reserve rolls.

> Halls of Martial Splendor - Take an Autarch instead of the Farseer in the Battlehost. He re-rolls misses and wounds in a challenge.

> The strong stand alone - The Battlehost adds a single squadron of Warp Hunters, Night Spinners, or Fire Prisms. Your army can't contain any other detachments except more Pale Courts Warhosts.

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