Games Workshop pricing in both Australia and New Zealnd have been a tough topic for a long time now. I am personally not down there, but feel for the pain they feel. I am also not an expert on why or how these prices end up the way they do, so when Alistar of War Incorporated wanted to do a breakdown of pricing in Australia and New Zealand, I said go for it. So here is Alistair's take  and analysis on the subject.

Alistair, War Incorporated, NZ

The Antipodean Tax
Games Workshop customers in Australia and New Zealand have been suffering a huge price difference for Games Workshop products when compared to their UK and US counterparts. It’s really hurting the Games Workshop hobby over here, and there has been no explanation for it from Games Workshop headquarters.

The current pricing structure seems to have been set back in around 2006, sadly at that time the AUS and particularly NZ dollar was at its weakest trading levels in recent history, it was almost NZ$3 against the British pound. This is where the price point for recent releases remain, despite 5 years of a steadily strong NZ$ and AUS$, compared to the British Pound. Current exchange levels are around NZ$2.3 against the British pound, and look set to stay that way for some time.

But words aside, the numbers alone really do all the talking. The table below shows an international price comparison of recent releases from Games Workshop. What jumps out straight away is that the US and UK prices are almost the same, and certainly within a range that nobody would quibble about, the NZ prices however are in some instances cost is creeping towards an additional 50%;

Exchange rate 09/10/15
Pounds =
US$ =

NZ Equiv
NZ Equiv
NZ$ Retail
Extra Cost NZ$
% extra cost c.f. £
Skarr Bloodwrath
Knight Vexillor
Celestant Prime
Knight Venator
Lord Celestant
KV128 Stormsurge

 Skarbrand is an unusual case, you may be aware that we had a mystery price drop in AUS/NZ on it, after pre-orders had been made, this created a mess in the retail shops who had issues processing refunds, but it certainly was seen as a positive step forwards in the community. However it still sits at around 28% more expensive down under.

What is even more frustrating is that Games Workshop has limited the ability for people in this part of the world to order from overseas, they keep trying to close ‘loopholes’, but there are still ways. Our NZ Post service offer a mail redirect service from the UK and US 
( Shipping for parcels and consolidated parcels starts at NZ$17.25. The purchases I have made have meant I have made a saving of around 30% against the retail price in NZ.

I would suggest that others should consider these mail redirect services when purchasing new products from Games Workshop, and shopping around you can find discounted retailers in the UK and US that can make you further savings. It is unacceptable to me to subscribe to the ‘Antipodean Tax’, and you may decide to choose that position too.

It is sad to see a growth in community buying from re-casters, but this is the community responding in a negative way to Games Workshops’s business practices. Supporting re-casters will hurt Games Workshop, but it will also hurt the hobby because the money you spend there doesn’t find its way back into product development, and Games Workshop still do make the best toy soldiers in the world.
I am a huge fan of Games Workshop product and the Games Workshop hobby, and I am sad to see them hurt their own business, and resentment build within the community that has supported them in NZ and AUS.

Vote with your wallet and your purchasing decisions, don’t prop up the ‘Antipodean Tax’, but find a way to keep enjoying your hobby! 

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