Warpath has less than 36 hours left on it's kickstarter. This has been a huge kickstarter, and the game is moving forward well. Here are the latest stats.

$413,694 pledged of $25,000 goal
31 hours to go

This kickstarter will be gone after this weekend, so there is not much time left. 

Via Mantic Games
It’s the final 36 Hours of the Warpath Kickstarter.
In this update, a quick sit-rep on where we’re up too, what’s going on, and what’s coming next ;)
Strap in…


Welcome to all of our new backers!
Thanks to all of your support, the Warpath Kickstarter is officially our third biggest Kickstarterby backer number – with only Deadzone (4K) and Dungeon Saga (5.5K) ahead of it.
It’s been an incredible success, and as a result we’ve unlocked captain cool himself, Ultimate Blaine – Tyrants Mercenary Leader.

You can add him on to your pledge for $8, or get him free in Total Warfare and Ultimate Tyrant.

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