There is a lot of information that comes through here, and while I try to get to it all, I wanted to actually catch up on some of this. So here are some of the recent bits of information that are coming through here. A lot of this is really fun stuff.

Heroes Of Steamkrieg Movie: Steampunk Table Top Game Comedy (Kickstarter)
Our Movie... is a comedy about 3 friends who play "Steamkrieg", a world wide phenomenon, Steampunk themed, table-top game. Long ago they registered for the yearly semi-finals tournament, and now that day approaches...

Tau Stormsurge Point Differences
Don't see it reported anywhere but the points value for the Stormsurge main 
gun upgrade is 10 pts different in the building guide than it is in White 
Dwarf. Not sure which is right but only 5pts in the guide and 15 pts in 
White Dwarf.

Axe Faction Miniatures Ceases Production
just a quick heads up, sadly Ax faction miniatures has ceased production.
A real shame to see them go.

Panzerfäuste: Mechanised Warfare in a Mythical Realm (Kickstarter)
In Panzerfäuste, armies of Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs and many others fight a war of attrition across a mythical landscape.

Indy Warcon
I would like to inform you of a relatively new convention for wargaming that's starting up in Indianapolis on the weekend of November 14th, called Indy Warcon. It's our second year, but we are hoping for this event to build itself up into a large convention to support all things tabletop miniature! This year we're hosting events for 40k, Warmachine & Hordes, 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Dropzone Commander, Infinity, Firestorm Armada, Kings of War, and even Blood Bowl! Not to mention demos and gaming for various other systems. It's completely free to come on and hang out too.

Faeit 212 Community News

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