That was fast and really fantastic that we are getting all this early today. A new campaign book,and much more are on these leaks!! I am just getting into them myself. There is just so much here, its a little crazy.

New Tau Firewarrior boxes are 10 models, the new Terrain is called Tidewall, and a new Campaign supplement!!! whoa. Just when I was getting frustrated on the single release per week. The Drip Fed releases look like they have ended for now!!!

Here is the best place to dig into the leaks
via iuchiban on Warseer

or here

There are two box sets:

- Infiltration cadre burning dawn: 85,00 €

Raven Guard
- Shadow forcé Solaq: 110,00 €

and by the way:
FW are 40,00 € and 10 models per box
Tidewall (Tau terrain) is 125,00 €

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