Today there is a new Forgeworld Fusion Edradicator for the Tau KX139. There are also a couple of Bundles, but there is a warning on the product page, that these may take a awhile to get to you.

The new Tau line up from Forgeworld for the KX139 has been extremely popular, to the point of it selling faster than Forgeworld has been able to keep up with production. Today there are some new pre-orders up, and these will be no different.

Forgeworld has included this line in the product description.
"Due to the exceptional popularity of this product, there may be a delay in despatching it to you. Please contact Forge World Customer Service for more details."

New From Forgeworld Today
Tau KX139 Fusion Edradicators £30
Tau KX139 with Eradicator and Tri-Axis Ion Cannon £250 
Tau KX139 with Fusion Eradicators £250

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