Wow, a lot of very early information for next week's Tau Pre-orders. From Ravenguard, to Tau and.... a mobile fortification, its going to be a cool week. Check out the latest White Dwarf leaks from Iuchiban over on Warseer.  He even has his Ghostkeel put together already!!!!

Next Week's Releases!!
Tau Empire Fire Warriors (10 miniatures) $50
Shadow Force Solaq (12 Ravenguard miniatures +32pg book) $140
Inflitration Cadre Burning Down (19 Miniatures +32pg book) $110
Tau Empire Tidewall Rampart  (9 miniatures mobile fortification with guns, drones and shields) $160

Hint for the following week
We have a crisis on our hands! Time for the patient hunter

via iuchiban on Warseer

He also has assembled his Ghostkeel

Previous Leaks from Iuchiban earlier today

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