Pieces of whats in the codex. the info is credited before each set. Warning... these are not facts til we actually get the codex, however supposedly these people saw the thing. I will post more as I find them later.

Taken from forums posted by DrLove42
Harlequins are identical to their craftworld eldar...smae statlines, wargear and points

Mandrakes have some kind of shooting attack that gets stronger with every kill they make

3 Brand new units, never before seen in DE codex

Incubi are hard. And I meant HARD. Yes they're only T3, S3, with a 3+ save, but their (power) weapons add +1 to strength and 2 attacks basic. Their squad leader (WS5, 3 Attacks) has a weapon that either gives him +2 attacks or +2 S. Also he has a power that him, and any member of the squad that rolls a 6 to hit gets another attack add infinitium.

Archon is WS 7 BS 7, but doesn't have full wargear wardrobe like in last codex (least not that I saw)

Didn't read much of the fluff at the beginning, but theres a big story with DE and Tau. And then a story about how after Iyanden defeat the Nids they're nearly wiped out by an Ork incursion. They keep waking more and more wraith constructs until the DE come and rescue them because "they're amused by the Eldars necromantic games"

Post by ArchonCryx
SO Games Day has passed, at last we get a first good look, and the view seems magnificent.

We seem to have a "dartboard Codex" at last - ie a codex where vurtually any combination of units will be some how competitive!

Ok, Archon can have a Blaster, (or a Blaster Pistol). Blasters are now 18" range and the Archons BS7 means you're hitting on a third of your 1's to hit!
SO expect it to hit!

The reavers get access to a Melta Blaster, ie it's a S8 Blaster with Lance and Melta specvial rules (yep, both).

Raiders are more expensive but freek me alive they actually have a whole *host* of upgrades that you want to use, all either 5 or 10pts extra.

The 2 I remember strongly is the one that gives you an extra 2D6" movement (thus the raiders can potentially move up to 36")
and thwe new "Extra Armour must always take upgrade for DE will be the 5++ invulnerable save (yes, for a vehicle) INVULNERABLE save, *not* cover

Let's see. New units. 2 new heavy support, one is a razorwing, the other completely new.

New transport - you can run Venoms now (6 capacity).

Warriors and wyches are troops. HOWEVER< you can also buy elite warriors and elite wyches (who have a fancy name that I forget). Elites has become very busy with the addition of Harlequins along with the new Incubi

Pain points are cool, Haemonculi have the ability to confer a free pain point on units they attach to. It is also one of the combat drug results.

We do lose the 12" assault option but since we gain 36" move units and transports, its little concern.

Dark Matter spam is gone with a more realistic allocation of heavy/special weapons mainly based on squad size. Similarly for reavers

Hellions are quite good now.

And Scourges are the real Dark Horse - they look like being a very popular choice for heavy support. Personally I love the idea of a haywire grenade launcher which should be a bit of fun!

Umm, there's two types of talos, a more or less familiar one and a less tough version that's cheaper.

Grotttesques have bulked out and are reminiscent of Ogryn stats.
That should further whet your appetite...

Via Isotope99

Fast, skimmer, open-topped (no surprise there)

Raider AV 10 10 10
Ravager AV 11 11 10
Ravager armed with three dark lances (seems to be standard, no idea about upgrades)
Able to fire all three weapons at cruising speed (12"?)

Reavers (don't know if these are troops or fast attack? My guess is they stay fast)
+1T, but only armour save 5+ (rather than the Eldar version that gives 3+)
36" turbo boost (so should be no objective you can't contest on the final turn)
They're armed with a splinter rifle but their main attack seems to be their blades (mono-something vanes). These had a fairly lengthy description and I can't remember all of it but it basically seemed to function like that bomb the ork Deffkoptas can have in that you pass over/near a unit and instead of charging it you inflict hits as you pass so the enemy can't immediately strike back. Presumably you can use this to soften the enemy up before engaging them with wyches etc.

There were some extra upgrades to increase the strength of the hits, inflict more of them etc.

Wyches (troops as standard I think)
Upgradable weapons that provide bonuses to the unit, or reduce the enemy's stats (didn't see the rules on these?)

Archon(didn't see any of his wargear)
WS/BS: 7 S/T/W: 3 I: 7 A: 3or4? Ld: 9 or 10? Save: 5+
Phil Kelly said that the cube he's carrying on the front of the codex and one of the models doubles his strength if he can kill an independent character or monstrous creature. (Instant death versus any strength 6+ weapon )

Incubi/Warriors (didn't see these pages, I think the Incubi might be moving to elites from HQ to fill the Wyches' slot)

Mandrakes (The glowing yellow guys on the cover, so I would expect there to be models but can't confirm)
They strike from the shadows and get more powerful after they've tasted blood (not sure if this is just fluff or if it will be represented by some special rules).

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