The Dark Eldar are here, and here to stay. All week we should be seeing new images, concepts, and hopefully more models, . This should be the last of the pics for me today. They were gathered from all over, so if you've been searching the blog-o-sphere, you've seen them. These are just a few of the ones I havent posted yet.

Pre-orders are available starting October 5th. Support your local Game Stores by doing this as soon as you can. If you are local to Portland, and dont know where to go, check in here Portland Area Game Stores to locate the places that help support local players and give us places to play.

Hopefully this week, we will start to see glimpses of what is actually in the codex. And, where the heck are those mandrakes? I wanted to see some. If I missed them and you know where they are, let me know.

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