Looks like a Ravager
I hate holding information. I've been sitting on these two for at least a day and some of the pics. Some of it is duplicate information, some of it is more refined info, like the Archon stat lines. This also gives me a chance to post pictures I've gathered.

Ive been doing some research as well into another unit in the dark eldar codex, that I will hopefully shed a little light on later today, or tommorrow. I wont hold out on what I've discovered for long

Nice to see Dark Eldar and Harlequins together
From Dark Eldar Kabal

Allows for Kabal, Wych Cult and Homunculus armies
All old units appear in this codex plus there are 3-5 new units

Splinter Rifle 24" SX, AP5, Rapid Fire, Poisoned.
Shard Carbine 18" SX, AP5, Assault 3, Poisoned.
Splinter Cannon 36" SX, AP5, Assault 4, or Heavy 6 Poisoned.
Splinter Pods - an underslung weapon for the Hellions similar to the carbine
- Some FOC slots are subject to change -
-Blasters are now 18"

WS/BS: 7 S/T/W: 3 I: 7 A: 3or4? Ld: 9 or 10? Save: 5+
Can take a wargear item the effect of which is that if he kills an enemy MC or SC in close combat he doubles his Strength to 6. If he kills another one, he doubles his Strength to 10.

Asdrubal Vect No longer rides a Vehicle

Harlequins Identical to the Codex: Eldar entry
Mandrakes Have a shooting attack that gets stronger with every kill they make
Incubi T3, S3, 2A 3+ sv, Klaives – Power weapons that add +1S
Squad leader has WS5, A3 and can take 2 smaller blades that either give him +2 attacks or +2S (both are Power Weapons). Also provides himself and his squad with the ability to roll another attack for each 6 to hit they roll. This is supposedly unlimited.

Warriors Stats are the same. Armed with Splinter Rifle only.

Wyches Stats are the same. Retain 4+ dodge save in CC.
Wych weapons
- Shardnet reduces A of all enemies in B2B by 1.
- A “chain-of-blades weapon” that gives +2A, and re-rolls to hit and to wound.

Fast Attack
Reaver Jetbikes T4, 5+ save, can Turbo-boost 36". Armed with Splinter Rifles
Can perform a "fly-by" attack on enemy units without becoming locked in close combat.
Have several upgrades that inflict different numbers of S3/4/6 hits on units when performing the fly by attack.
The jetbike gives +1 sv and +1T

Beast Masters Get more types of beasts

Heavy Support
Ravager Fast, skimmer, open-topped AV 11 11 10
Armed with 3 Dark Lances as standard and can fire all 3 at cruising speed

Grotesques Apparently changed to Ogryn-sized creatures
There will still be human-sized Homunculus constructs, but they will have a different name

Raider Fast, skimmer, open-topped AV 10 10 10

From Gren Acid,
So I was talking with Phill for a while and this is what I know:
Mandreaks are shadow bit chaos thing that eats souls and glow green(you on cover)
New character former DE queen..and Vects wive....after he dump her, she started planning revange on him.

This is about rules ect.
Power from Pain- After destroying non-vehicle unit, DE gets on winners pain token.
One token on unit and DE have FnP
2 on and FC
3 on and fearless
Tokens are cumulative and rule army wide.
Reavers inflicts impact hits on units they fly trough. D3 S3 for each bike, with some options to improve.
Incubi are very simmilar to aspect warriors; exarch witch special powers and wepons....(i recall one with Preffered enemy).

Wyches have 3 diffrent wych weapons.....look nice.

Archon have new retinue of some nasty bodyguards, incubi ale elite mercenaries now.

Ravager can shoot al three lances on cruising speed.


  1. Forgot to remind readers to please take all information with a grain of salt until we actually have a codex in our hands.

  2. Fritz is saying that Dark Lances are AP1.

  3. wow. That will be a little hardcore. Not that I mind of course.

  4. Fritz also said that Harlequins had updated rules and points for 5th. I'm thinking everything he thinks he knows about DE is suspect.

  5. Anyone that overtly says they have a copy of the codex but cant outright say that they have it, because of some agreement, is actually violating that agreement if they physically have it.

    My personal opinion is that anyone making these overt claims is just looking for attention and justification of some imagined authority they think they have. (not directly aimed at a single person, but several)

    Sorry for the rant, because it is possible that people have these codexes. I just dont beleive it til I see it.


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