Here is the latest on some of the conceptial ideas laid down by GW, and Jes. Here is what he said about the Raider Conceptial Design.

Jes: The first of the vehicle range to be designed was the Raider. Other races have their signature tanks, Dreadnoughts or skimmers, but in this highly mobile army it is the humble (if such a notion exists for a Dark Eldar) troop transport that is the iconic vehicle. As the Raiders had supposedly been adapted from the pleasure craft of the Ancient Eldar, we wanted to exaggerate the 'flying boat' look, the elegant lines of Arab dhows and Greek triremes were influences, the pierced rails a nod to Elizabethan galleons and the pirates and privateers of that era. Again, we were looking for a distinctly dark take on the Eldar aesthetic, a style that could be used to tie all of the vehicles designs together.

What we ended up with was a phenominal model. My first impression complaints will be transporting the models, as well as how fragile are those bases? Otherwise I love the models and the idea of customizing them. I included a pic of the driver (pilot, captain) and his control devices for the ship. Way cool.

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