Venom (from experimental codex)
I saw some of the information coming out Gamesday, and saw a Venom listing under transport options. Exactly what it was I really had no idea. This is what I found. It came out of a Harlequin experimental codex by Gav Thorpe,done like 10 years ago. The info I posted mentioned it carries 6, which is similar to what Gav had down with it. Here is basically what it was.

Much of the webway cannot be traversed by large vehicles, and so the Harlequins make wide use of the venom. The Venom is a modified version of the Vyper war machine used by the craftworld eldar, incorporating an open transport deck instead of a gun cradle. Such is the skill of every Harlequin that the small numbers of warriors that can be transported by this vehicle is still enough to overcome enemy units many times their size.

The Venom was a 10/10/10 fast open topped skimmer that could carry 6 plus one character. Came with a variety of weapon upgrades, from fusion gun or shuriken cannon. It came with a shuriken catapult. Holo-fields were also an option. 45pts.

While we really don't know what the venom is, this is a great starting point at something we might be seeing. I don't believe any rumors completely til I have the thing in my hands. Not to mention I think it would be cool to have another option like this in the codex.

They look an awful like some conversion fliers I made back in the day with VDR rules (vehicle design rules). Here is a pic of mine, which you may have already seen if you follow this site. Yea it would need some work and customization, but I'm already excited about the possible modeling opportunities the new dark eldar might bring.

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