Again like last year, Duncan has painted up a miniature for the NOCF Summer Raffles. Want to own a piece of Warhammer TV history? This is your chance to win it remembering that this supports worldwide charities, so it all goes to a great cause.

Get your Tickets here....

See him paint the mini here in this video

Dankholds are unnatural places were the darkness is thick and the cold dampness settles into the bones of those wander into the depths. In some places the shadows coagulate into sucking meres that can swallow a man whole while some may even develop a crude sentience, gnashing stony fangs and snarling threats at one another in low voices of grinding stone.

The race of Troggoths which reside in Dankholds have regenerative abilities, a corrosive bile that can be vomited as a weapon and very tiny brains that can only think of violence. Dankholds are considered loners, even by the standards of the anti-social Troggoths. They prefer to lumber ever downwards into the deepest tunnels until they find a dankhold where they will sleep for decades or even centuries. These beings can shrink or grow to fit the space of the dankhold they have chosen.

When they sleep, mushrooms and puffballs take root in their flesh as well as on the crude clubs of stone and fossilized wood they drag around like beloved companions. This, alongside the deep-cavern stench that clings to them and the forests of small stalagmites that build up on their shoulders and heads, makes Dankhold Troggoths a reassuring presence for other subterranean denizens.

Join us in thanking Duncan Rhodes, a long-time member of the NOCF Artist Consortium.

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