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What's On Your Table: Nurgle

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

Hi Nafka!

I have read your blog very often. You are pretty much always on time. Thank you.
Youre a great person as far as I can tell. I sense honesty from you.

I have read so many funny conversations on here. Had great moments during hard times.
I would come here almost every day to take a break from the crazy life I live, I could relax to people expressing themselves on how happy or dissatisfied they were with artistic products. I would think to myself: Well, simplicity still exists for when I can get back to it. 

I spent lots of toilet time laughing at stuff I would read on your blog, Nurgle would be proud. 
I live for community and I love the inaccurate science of behaviorism. It's hard to understand why a person like me would be interested in a game about violence. But in fact, 40k depicts violence in the most satirical way, and helps me see the comedy in extreme situations. The artistic side of the game, the minis and painting them, are what I like the most. I prefer any faction that is not serious like Orks, Harlequins and Chaos. I would say most 40k factions have a ridiculous element, but I love the most extreme ones. I really like all of Maxime Pastourel's work. If I lived close to him, I would force him to be my buddy. (Just kidding, lol)

So, this is finally my time to show you a couple of things I have painted and created over the years.

8 Pictures is not enough for me! I will break the rules and you are the only deciding factor here.
If you really don't want to show more than 8. Pick your personal favorites. :)

I wish you and all your followers the most happy and prosperous life they can make for themselves. It was a blessing to have been part of your community for all these years, this also goes to the troublemakers. :) You troublemakers provoke reactions, instigate and set ideas in motion. When you are not being evil, you are quite the sight to behold.

Much love.

Yours truly,