Dark Angels have many "Wings" in their armies, Ravenwing, Deathwing, and others lost to time. (6 of them if I remember correctly- one becoming a new chapter?). Now we have this big hint of what's coming with the pics for the September White Dwarf. Could this be a new Primariswing?

This is an interesting follow up to this article.

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Every month we get a new Index or Tome Celestial.  These are small expansions to the games and our books.  We've had Blood Ravens, the Sempiternals, the Crimson Fists, the Hammerhands, and the like.

This leads to a reasonable possiblity that these Primaris Dark Angels for the September White Dwarf might actually instead be an Index for a Primaris "Wing" for the Dark Angels Chapter.  We already know the Primaris are distrusted by their adoptive brothers and they are considered outsiders in every way.  Sadly, it makes it very easy to believe that the Dark Angels may segregate them where possible and so create a "Primariswing", so to say, to accomplish this.  

Given that the Indices and Tomes Celestial alternate each month and that August was a Tome Celestial month, it lends further credence to the possibility that September features an Index for a Primaris DA setup, instead of new releases or a new codex as some have posited.  

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