A lot happened over the last week and to get it all into a single place seemed a little necessary to keep everything in order. Lets take a look in case you missed something.

Ork Rumors

There is a video that revealed this that you can see by following the link. The rumors are summarized here though.

Rumors Ork Codex:
Codex was seen by the source
Codex+ Dice
Ork bits upgrade sprues...
plastic Ghazkull
Warboss clam pack release

Wartrakk, Buggies and Defkoptas being worked on, but not part of the initial release.

Looted Wagons may be back in the codex.

Genestealer Cults 

While 40k seems to be asleep right now, the Genestealer Cult pics that were leaked out kept us going. What we don't yet know is whether these are for Kill Team or for 40k, or both. There are a lot of questions that we will be keeping our eyes open for.
Here is a compilation of the pics and the video from Games Workshop

Adeptus Titanicus

No tanks or infantry coming (at least right away) which is putting a lot of people off and will most likely severally limit sales of it. It does seem though that the game was made with rules that will allow for the game to be expanded.

via zedmeister
Remember that James Hewitt, who originally wrote the game, did say that it is designed to expand into tanks an infantry as a possible future option.

the designers at Warhammer Fest said this, via Penddraig:
The Specialist Games team have also suggested that if the game is successful then we will see an expansion into 40k with Eldar Phantoms and Ork Gargants being included in future expansions but for the moment – the focus is on Heresy. What was clarified many times is that this is a game of titans. The emphasis is on God-Engines fighting each other as per the original game. There are no plans at all to expand into infantry, vehicles etc as the old Epic as the feeling is that it devalues the role and use of the titans. They have not ruled out a later version of epic as a separate game but there are no plans for the moments.

via zedmeister
However, he is writing the rules engine so that they are able to add in vehicles or infantry without requiring a whole new set of rules to be written. He described the jarring effect of Titans and Infantry needing two sets of rules in previous games and it's something that he definitely wants to avoid.

There are previous pics at the links for this game that you can see at the link.
via Garro
With all the AoS news filling up the news feeds Thought I'd share some pics of adeptus titanicus that I didn't include during my original WF coverage.

Also didn't see anyone else post the back of the rules box which shows the full contents either, so there's an exclusive for you 

Suggest giving the warlord terminal a solid read, as you can imply a lot of the core game mechanics and rules from it.

Causal reminder, games out in August, in stores, as it's plastic. No prices yet, but the big box is expected to be in the £150-200 mark. Hence why the ruleset and minis are all being released separately at launch.

The big box DOES contain the rules box. Its just being released separately to help lower the starting price, and for people who want to spilt the grand master edition. 

the big box, is this rules box that I've posted, plus two warlord titans, two sets of 3 knights, and several sets of the smaller terrain pack. 

No word on prices but we can guess the plastic kits by the number of sprues they're on, and their box set. (warlord titan is in the same size box and number of sprues as a questoris knight for example, so will likely cost the same amount roughly)

Question: So the seperately sold warlords and knights will be the same as the big box item?
Garro: yes, the big box, is just a 'early adopters' style boxset that give you a bit of discount for buying everything.

Question: Have we had word if they are releasing separate weapon kits or who new warlord kits for the new weapons, any truth that the arms are pre molded to easily fit 5mm magnets for hot swapping weapons? Sorry for all the questions
Garro: rules/card packs have plenty of other weapons.

word is that FW have been working on resin upgrade kits (weapons) for a while. due to the delay cause by moving over to plastic for the main boxset. FW have had a bit of a head start on making the extra weapons.

also yes, the titans have magnet holes, but couldn't say what size.

Age of Sigmar Reveals

The Age of Sigmar Open Day gave us some new reveals yesterday. Those Nighthaunts are amazing and right now are the hottest thing going on.  Follow the links for Stormcast images.

New Age of Sigmar FAQs and Designers Commentary

There seems to be an effort now from Games Workshop to give us the intentions of the rules from the designers. This has always been an interesting debate between "RAI-rules as intended" and "RAW-rules as written". I really never thought they would jump into this arena, but it appears they are willing to.

FAQs and Designers Commentary can be seen here

Summoning Errata
"One of the biggest changes to the new edition is summoning no longer costing any reinforcement points! To keep this fun and balanced, several warscrolls have been tweaked to incorporate the new changes – the Screaming Bell, for instance, can only ever summon one Verminlord to the battlefield, while new rules for summoning with any army that has a battletome already are included in full and for free."

The Designer’s Commentary
"Finally, the New Edition FAQ is being released alongside a 7-page set of notes written by the team behind the new edition to clarify anything that might be confusing you and to establish the proper spirit in which certain rules are written – if you’re not clear on something from the core rules, chances are it’s covered in here."

Faeit 212 Community News

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