This is the last entry we will be showing for the Create a Faction Contest. There is a good number of entries and on Monday we will be talking more about this, simply because I want to know which factions you like the most. So yes, that means we will be finding out a community favorite. Already we have been discussing the races, and which one will best be able to showcase the game in a demo's and be best for a 2 player starter. There are some fantastic Factions here.

So check out the last one, The Stormblood Tribe. These guys are Arcane Giants. Definitely you can tell that this race really gets into the system and uses many different aspects of it quite well. For Giants, the point costs are really under control.

The Genesys Project
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The Create a Faction Contest (over now)
Learn about what we were doing

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Previous Armies
Previously revealed Armies for the Create a Faction Contest can be seen below.

Plainswalker Nomads

The Empire of Exodia

The Hammerforged

The Fayral

The Cannybaloids


Gren's Exiles

The Commonwealth of the Steppes

Ignis Raphaim

The Mabinogi

White Runners

Moon Children

The Cyclopean Free People

The Encryption Project


The Triumvirate of the Shadow States




The Tribes of Yaoa

Severni Consortium

The Silent Brotherhood

Faeit 212 Community News

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