The Create a Faction Contest is over, but we have still have some fun and exciting community submitted Factions to share and look at. Soon we will be working on selecting a Faction that will go into the 2 player starter the Humanoids. It's exciting because there were some really amazing factions created, all of them customized by the players.

Next up of course we will digging into the 2nd Age with all the gritty details that will take your race from the its earliest days into the 2nd Age. We will also soon start to explore the background of the game, and where it will be going early next year!

The Genesys Project
To join in and see what the latest for the Genesys Project, head on over and sign up to get your free product code and jump right into the open beta.

The Create a Faction Contest
Learn about what we were doing

Previous Armies
Previously revealed Armies for the Create a Faction Contest can be seen below.

Plainswalker Nomads

The Empire of Exodia

The Hammerforged

The Fayral

The Cannybaloids


Gren's Exiles

The Commonwealth of the Steppes

Ignis Raphaim

The Mabinogi

White Runners

Moon Children

The Cyclopean Free People

The Encryption Project


The Triumvirate of the Shadow States




The Tribes of Yaoa

Faeit 212 Community News

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