Eternal Crusade is in early access right now continues to push the envelope and move this game forward. There is a large list of updates going on, and more will be revealed tomorrow during their live stream. Definitely worth checking out.

Update via Steam

Booyakasha. Now, while you don't always hear my golden godly voice, it doesn't mean nothing is happening. As you can see, we're hard at work and here I'm applying terminal influencing to Art Direction to make Eldar, Orks and Tyranid go faster. I usually just say "more grim" and "more dark" but sadly, who listens to the pretty face on the team.

As proof of our dedication we would have liked this picture being taken an hour later as our air conditioning is going under rework to cope with the massive heat of our brains and all the computers, XBOX and PS4 dev kits in here as well as the massive heat outside. Because we would have been pantless. On to the serious stuff in case you didn't see the last twitch or how hard we ball. Here is a refresher of the patch we are working on, besides Eldar on the UAT/Founders server:

MOAR FIXES (Performance, general bugs)
Character Advancements (aka Progression Tree)
Rogue Trader Store and the first store weapons
First Relic Items from Founders program deployed
Wargear - the first accessories you fit to further specialize
New map - Maggon. It's Foxtrot Alpha. This might change, see below.
Gamepad - better support overall (menu, keybindings, etc)
Special appearences by: Maglift, any action can be done while riding them. Radar: characters and vehicles shooting or using jumppack not always appearing on radar, Commendations, hopefully the first batch, Loading Screen tips and bad jokes.
It's important to note that this update does not include the regular gameplay rewards (PHAT LEWT) gained through regular play. The reason the Rogue Trader Store is coming in is because of type of the items coming in, so don't worry, we're not pay 2 win, the mechanism to dispense the rewards (PHAT LEWT) simply isn't ready yet and the best, most customizable and modifiable weapons are still only available ingame.

We just hotfixed today Monday the 31st Early Access again but we also updated UAT with the social area, the Garrison and two new maps - It's Blackbolt v2 and Ollipsis v2, with a lot of your feedback taken into account and other changes. There will be scheduled playtests on them Thursday as well.

In addition to Eldar and maps being bumped revisions (not just minor fixes), you should know the first step in a massive balancing effort was deployed. This is for all the current weapons, upcoming wepons and Eldar weapons. Don't report them now as we'll be mass-updating everything daily or so but we wanted you to know that we've started a new round of massiveness.

We're also testing out regional GAME servers. That's not a separate region or separate database but finally testing out our solution to deploy the actual game servers, the one your matches are played on, to your regions - but still connected to the main database in North America.

We really could go on but only one thing really matters right now, when is all this stuff coming. We don't know but my personal bet is on next week because not only am I super-excited for the above plus what more we get in, I took a stupid challenge to not shave my beard till it's out.

Signing off for now, and as always, our gratitude goes out to you for hanging in there and helping use make a better Eternal Crusade.

Senior Beard, Sexy Beast and Producer
Warhammer 40,000 - Eternal Crusade

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