In the leaks on Monday we saw the new Salamander Beasts that are coming next week to pre-orders. Personally I like them, but the community reaction to the new Fyreslayers has been rather heated (yea, I meant to say it that way...ya know Fyreslayers... sorry).

So what we are looking at is next week will definitely be another week of Fyreslayers from Games Workshop. Salamander Beasts and the Standard Bearers appear to be in the spotlight. After that?..... Apparently rumors have it that three more units coming, and three more heroes.

That to me would mean that there has to be more than just Salamanders and Standard Bearers next week. Of course a third week at this point looks very probable. Here is the latest. ( I dont have a link to the spanish forum this bit comes from. Anyone that speaks the language that can point us would be appreciated.

via Archibald_TK on Warseer
And then the week after will be the Salamander Beast and the Standard Bearer/ Leaked Sprue. No prices for them yet. 

via Turgol on Warseer
Acording to a poster in a spanish forum, there are still three more units coming for the slayers and three more heroes.

Also: Grugni Dwarfs should be released q2 or q3 and include Golems.

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