Weapons, equipment, and powers all have attributes that are highly adjustable depending on the traits your race has access to. This makes the process a little streamlined, because all customization is very similar in how it's done. Lets take a look at weapons and powers side by side.

Here is for example the attributes of Bladed Melee Weapons.

Advanced Bladed Melee Weapon Attributes
1. Weapon Bonus: Increased Martial
        +1 costs
        Additional +1 costs
2. Threat Range: 1”
         Increase +1” Threat Range
3. Exotic Metal Alloys- see below

here is a series of traits you can take that will allow you to create superior weapons. Remember that in order to take secondary traits, you must have the primary trait. This increases your model cost to have access to these weapons. It appears like the cost is small, but if you choose to take the weapons for the squad, you pay per weapon. 

Advanced Melee Weaponry
(Multiple Primary Traits)
Knowledge and technology in weapon construction

Allows a +1” increases in Threat range for Advanced Melee combat weapons. 

Weapon Quality 
Allows for Advanced Melee combat weapons to take a single +1 Weapon Bonus. This applies to Bladed, Blunt, and Axe Weapons.

Secondary Traits
Masterwork Blades
Allows for Advanced Bladed Weapons to take an additional +1 Weapon Bonus.

For example......
I want to create an advanced sword for a single elite unit class. To do this, I take the trait "Weapon Quality". This allows the class to take +1 weapons to the unit class. 

In general it's quite expensive in points to go up to +2 for general use. However, for captains of elite units, even leaders, or unique unit classes, these point costs are not so high. The points are generally a limiting factor on list design. Equipping basic troops with overly expensive weapons is not generally the best way to go, although you may find a reason to do so. 

Spell Powers
These are done in the same way with traits driving what you can increase on Spell Powers. Quickness/Slow, is a faith power. When you create the spell, you will have the final attributes on how strong the spell is with it's final attributes.

Quickness/Slow: Quick bursts of speed can get you where you need to be.
Willpower Test: 5
Range: Up to Command Characteristic x1
Effects: +1/-1 Movement Characteristic
Duration: 1 Game Round
Models Effected: Discipline Characteristic

For example, I am going to create my power like this.
Increase the effects to +2 to make my guys very fast. This would require a single trait to adjust attribute up one, and because of that raise the Willpower Test to 6. Since this is faith magic, having those faithful to caster is important, and will give him bonuses to get this spell off. 

Lets also increase the Range, by adding another multiplier. This again increases the the Willpower Test. 

Here is what my Quickness Spell would look like. 
Willpower Test: 7
Range: 8" (priest has a command of 4)
Effects +2 Movement Characteristic
Duration: 1 Game Round
Models Effected: 3 (since my discipline on my priest is 3)

Notice that the models characteristics really drive how powerful a spell/power is. This is on purpose, and that very talented and strong Channelers and Priests can be very powerful. 

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