There are a couple things that are a little pressing here on Faeit 212, but I wanted to talk first about the comment sections, and then touch on the latest GW Reports that have caused all sorts of "the End Times" talk around the community.

Please remember that this is an editorial and the opinions and concerns in this article are solely my own.

The Comment Section here on Faeit 212
The comment section has always been one of those hazardous attachments to a blog that can be quite toxic and yet, also very beneficial to the community at large. I enjoy letting them stand, and know that when I have start removing comments, sometimes there are innocents that get caught in the crossfire. Yea, that means I often remove whole threads, or get a little overzealous with the delete button.

What I can't do with the current format, is ban people. Google doesnt allow it. Yes, I have looked into a third party comment system, and at one point was just going to do it. However, for the most part, the comment section has not crossed over the line that often in the past few months.

While a third party comment system is still on the list of things to do, its not very high atm. The Faeit 212 app and the Genesys Project take up the time left over from scouring the web for news items for the site.

Here is what I am going to do though in the meantime.

Refocus- I am going to try and keep the conversations more on track. It will not be consistent, nor probably fair (but what in the world is). Its time consuming to do this, so when I get the chance it will be done. Faeit 212 is still a 1.2 man operation and will remain so.

So please,
Keep on Topic  -if there is some pressing news not related.... by all means interrupt.
No more Gay references please.
McDoogle vs Mob, lets keep this civil please.

I do appreciate a certain few people on the site that have really pushed themselves to keep things civil. You know who you are.

Finally I am apologizing ahead of time for the next 3-5 times the delete button gets out of control. I dislike removing anything, especially when someone spends a considerable amount of time laying out there thoughts.

GW Financial Concerns:
In general Games Workshop is a huge company, one that will not be going anywhere, whether profits are up or down. They have so much room to downsize and cut back (games and stores), that its not even funny. So concerns your game would go away in the anytime near future due to company failure is not needed.

There are a lot of companies out there, and yes there is a lot of competition. No matter your opinion on the state of the company, we are all vested in it's success. I can't imagine that there are community members that really want to see it fail. (However, a few may want to see them knocked around a bit)

Along those concerns. 40k - not going to drastically get simplified. Can't see it, as it is the biggest product line they have.

Way too early at this point to worry about the sky falling. GW is still making profits.

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