Images from White Dwarf are everywhere at this point revealing the new Fyreslayers coming this week. In the pictures you can see the new salamander that we have been talking about in hints for next week. Very sweet.

You can see the images here.

New releases:
Fyreslayers Hearthguard (5 miniatures) - 33€ 25£ 40$
Slayers with shorter beards with what looks like shooting weapons, greataxes or some sort of flail halberd.

Fyreslayer Vulkite Berserkers (10 miniatures) - 45€ 35£ 60$
Slayers with dual axes, or a bladed shield coupled with an axe or pickaxe.

Fyreslayer Auric Runemaster (1 model) 23€ 18£ 30$
This is not the one we saw on the sprue, that one carries some sort of brazero staff and he... he... he has no mustache!

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