Looking around for Dwarves, I ran across Scribor Monstrous Miniatures. Some excellent Dwarves in there collection, and they even have a couple sales promotions going on right now. As I am looking for some.. I thought I would share some that I had found.

Here are a couple new releases they have right now, followed by a couple sales promotions. I have ever had models from Scribor, but they look nice.

28mm/30mm Dwarf Lord Broor
Price: 7.52 EUR

28mm/30mm Dwarf Lord Gildri 28FM0215
Price: 7.52 EUR

28mm/30mm Dwarves Rangers set 28FM0174
Promo price
17.63 EUR

28mm/30mm Dwarves Steam Guard set 28FM0111
 Promo price
22.27 EUR

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