Yea, a Dropfleet Commander update and newsletter. It seems that the pledge manager is coming, which is great as I need to add a few things to my pledge. Hawk also updates us today on just where things are at. Personally I know that they are extremely busy right now, and working hard at moving this forward.

Here is the lastest from Hawk Wargames

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Firstly, a Happy New Year to all our Backers and Supporters!

While we have been working hard over the Christmas break, we are now back up to full speed as we get into the middle of January, so we thought we’d let everyone know where we are at and how things are developing.

Procurement and production is well underway, and we’re in the process of finalising design elements and beginning manufacturing the moulds for all of our Dropfleet Commander plastics. We’re also getting all the details together for all other rewards, packaging and add-ons, but this won’t be completely finished until we have numbers and quantities.

Pledge Manager coming soon!
That’s where the pledge manager comes in. Very soon we will be putting up the pledge manager for all backers so that you can choose how your pledge money will be apportioned. How this works has been explained before, but it will also be clearly and concisely set out for each individual backer when they use the website. Each backer will be sent a link to the site, where they can then make their reward choices. Along with this, each backer will also be able to add extra Bolt-Ons to their pledge and pay for any difference via Card or PayPal.

We will be posting more pictures and images during the time that the pledge manager is live to show backers what the finished models will look like. The key difference to our plans now, after listening to backers, is that the pledge manager will now run until early March.

We will also be offering one late backer pledge level. This £60 pledge will simply allow for those who missed the Kickstarter (or who couldn't pay by card) to get onboard with the Kickstarter wave of deliveries, which will be for a Dropfleet Commander 2-Player Starter Set. While this will allow late backers to pledge and add bolt-ons to their pledges if they like, this pledge will NOT include any of the freebies that where available to Kickstarter backers. Only bolt-ons that are paid for on the pledge manager will be available with this pledge level.

For backers and non-backers alike who would like to see the ships that we currently have, as well as some that weren’t shown on the Kickstarter, our Open Weekend is coming up on the 30th and 31st January in Croydon. We will be running our Dropzone Commander tournament as usual, but also showcasing Dropfleet Commander models. It is free to have a look around, and the Hawk Wargames Team will be on hand if you have any questions, so come down! Tickets are also still available for the Hawk Wargames Tournament. Details can be found for both the Tournament and Open Weekend here >

There will be more news in the coming weeks, but keep an eye out on your emails for more about the Pledge Manager too!

Kind regards,

The Hawk Wargames Team

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